When gourmet ice cream meets a touch of nobility

Life can change in an instant for better or for worse. After defeating an aggressive form of lymphoma cancer in 2014, Dan Schorr decided that not only was he going to live his life to the fullest, but that he was going to live indulgently without any guilt.

As a self-proclaimed ice cream junkie who worked as a good-humored driver in high school, Schorr decided he wanted to create the most decadent premium ice cream brand that would incorporate cheeky humor while helping give back to the community. cancer community as a center part of its mission.

Courtesy of Vice Cream

Courtesy of Vice Cream

In 2016 Vice Cream was born. Schorr told me, “I would have had 12 weeks to live if my cancer had not been found. It was 4 years ago this week. I am in remission now. I conquered cancer ”. It is Schorr’s determined and provocative attitude to fight for his life that shines through with the ethics of the Vice Cream brand of “Life’s Short”. Eat some fucking ice cream ”. “I want people to feel empowered to go back to real ice cream. Go to Soul Cycle, eat avocado toast, but when it comes to ice cream, eat real ice cream, ”Schorr continues.

Schorr brings years of field experience launching successful brands to his new business. Before launching Vice Cream Schorr worked in product marketing where he joined the first team that built the PowerBar Energy Bar brand. From PowerBar, he switched to working for Saucony shoes, then worked on a Gatorade children’s product at PepsiCo, where he built the energy drink portfolio from nothing to a $ 250 million company in two years. When it came to bringing his ice cream concept to fruition despite other well-known big brands that consumers recognized as dominating the industry, Schorr felt the category was ripe for disruption.

Courtesy of Vice Cream

Courtesy of VIce Cream

Courtesy of Vice Cream

“My ideas told us that consumers wanted something different. Ben and Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs have been around for 40 years and they have too many flavors that can actually limit consumer choice. In this era of eating “better for you”, we saw the opportunity to bring to market an indulgent product that contains more blends, better quality ingredients and unique flavors. We want people to indulge in life and Vice Cream offers real ice cream with a relatable story that allows us to put a smile on consumers’ faces, especially cancer patients and their families, ”says Schorr. And once you remove the ‘Take My Top Off’ lids and dip your spoon into one of Vice Cream’s eight decadent flavors, you’ll immediately get exactly what Schorr intended to create with his profiles. of flavor and its unique textures: a cheeky decadence. With ironic offers like caramel woman—Peanut butter ice cream with chopped caramel bars, peanut butter cookie dough and caramel ripple, and Breakfast in bed—Maple ice cream, sticky bread dough, pecan praline, and a touch of cream cheese — you’ll also get a chuckle at the brand’s nastiness. Schorr adds: “At the end of the day, we all have vices and ice cream is a ‘pretty vice’.

In the 20 months of its availability, Vice Cream has seen strong growth in the market and just announced a Series A funding a few weeks ago that they expect to close with $ 2 million imminently. . Schorr tells me: “As a private company we don’t discuss specific sales figures, but we have increased 6 times last year and we expect 3 times this year. We just launched Portland, Oregon and Northern California with Safeway last month, we launched Chicago a few weeks ago, Minneapolis and Vice Cream are sold in major grocery stores all over Maine to Florida. It’s pretty cool when someone sends a message saying they like Vice Cream when they live in North Dakota. “

In addition to the deliciously delicious product what I like Vice Cream is the fact that the company encourages the fight against adversity with humor and optimism knowing that “every day is not a sundae” in addition to recognizing the importance of paying it forward. Thanks to the brand’s “Nice Vice” program, they partner with cancer institutes nationwide and donate part of the sales to support the cause.

Courtesy of VIce Cream

“We are in the business of smiling. We have seen with our own eyes that our ice cream brings smiles and even our advertising will make people laugh. But our larger goal is to bring smiles to the faces of cancer patients and their families. Last year, the brand made programs with Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Levine Cancer Center where Vice Cream has donated over $ 25,000 in cash and products and we’re just a company of five, ”says Schorr. As the business grows, it will be exciting to see what kind of impact Vice Cream can have with such a prevalent disease.

If you are interested in getting your Vice Cream, check out their website to find the store closest to you.

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