Victoria’s Cockatoo Grove Launches Olive Oil Via Woolworths

Australian family business Cockatoo Grove is launching its organic extra virgin olive oil in Woolworths stores nationwide.

The range includes three variants – Mellow, Classic and Robust. The Classic variety was judged best out of 25 Australian and international oils sampled at the Choice Awards last year.

According to the company, its olive oil is grown and produced in Victoria without using synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms, and is certified organic by Aus-Qual under the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Products. .

The olives are cold pressed after harvest and stored in oxygen-free stainless steel tanks at constant low temperatures to deliver freshness and vibrant taste.

“Australians love to cook and find new ways to transform their dishes,” said Tim Dugan, MD of Cockatoo Grove.

“Cockatoo Grove Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for drizzling, dipping, seasoning and cooking, and can elevate any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Founded in 1996 by Ken and Joan Dugan, Cockatoo Grove is a growing player in the organic oil market, supplying Australians with organic products such as olive oils, balsamic vinegar, almonds, handmade soap and hand sanitizer.

The Cockatoo Grove range of extra virgin olive oil is available to buy at Woolworths or online via the Cockatoo Grove website with an RRP of $18 for a 750ml bottle.

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