The Polygenic Risk Score Knowledge Base provides a centralized online repository for calculating and contextualizing polygenic risk scores

  • All authors contributed to this work and approved the final version of this manuscript. MLP, ELV and MEC should be considered co-first authors. They each contributed intellectually to the development of the PRSKB website and command line interface. They were primarily responsible for writing the manuscript and online documentation, testing the PRSKB and related methods, and organizing the workflows. ER and LD helped develop the online interface, wrote some sections of the manuscript, and tested the PRSKB. MTWE helped edit the manuscript, provided resources for its completion, and contributed intellectually by suggesting some additional features. The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative provided genetic data that was used to validate PRSKB. JBM and JSKK should be considered co-last authors. JBM and JSKK were the main intellectual drivers of this tool, directed and mentored the other authors, provided resources to develop and deploy the PRSKB, wrote and edited the manuscript, and ensured the integrity of all analyses.

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