The goals and the best games of Villarreal-Barça (1-3)


Xavi Hernández’s FC Barcelona follows without knowing defeat. In La Céramique, suffering to the end and leaving doubts about certain sections of the celebration, the dead ends imposed on time thanks to goals from Memphis Depay and Philippe Coutinho in the home stretch of the party, for “just” a triumph that was complicated after the draw of Chukwueze to so many Frenkie de Jong who opened the scorer. Barça won the three points of a complicated stage to follow the distances recortando in the standings.

Xavi went back to repeat his 3-4-3 system, but implemented a novelty with the incumbency of an Ez Abde who proved to be pure of edge, personality and imbalance. Barça started very enchufado, but ‘desinfabla’ every time Villarreal proposed and advanced lines. However, the individualities “served” to save victory at Villarreal. Ronald Araújo and the Moroccan stood out the most, but on the negative side, there is defensive fragility and the poor ability to keep the ninety minutes “inside” of the party, as well as Jordi Alba’s “fear” of injury.

To continue, presents a selection of the best video summaries of the evening played by Villarreal and FC Barcelona:

The goals of Villarreal-FC Barcelona

0-1, Frenkie de Jong, min. 50: at empty door, with the attentive VAR and with an initial controversy, De Jong abrió the marker to the 50 minutes of celebration after a great game of Jordi Alba by the left, the one that played with Memphis of sensational way. The attacker tried to finish, but failed to connect easily. Frenkie Appeared, free of mark, to push the ball deep into the network.

1-1, Samu Chukwueze, min. 77: the Nigerian signed the tables after a game in which the defensive fragility of Barça was evident. Sergio Busquets arrived very late to steal the ball from Manu Trigueros, whose touch came to a friend so that he finally landed in Chukwueze’s boots, in front of Mingueza’s distraction. He rolled a few yards and defined with pleasure from the front of the zone.

1-2, Memphis Depay, min. 88: when Barca suffered more, Memphis threw in prowess to seek victory after a very gray game. He took advantage of an error of Estupiñán in a cession and the Dutch, far from getting nervous, zafó du guardameta ‘groguet’, oriented the spherical towards his good leg and finished perfectly to order the spherical at most deep in purpose.

1-3, Philippe Courtinho, min. 90 + 4 ‘: in the shed and with the party doomed, Soto Degré signaled the maximum penalty in favor of abutments after Foyth mis-measured and demolished at Coutinho inside the area. The Brazilian went head to head against Rulli, the one who although he guessed his intention, could not at all hold back his powerful shot at the right stick of goal.


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