The French league responds with a harsh message to Javier Thebes

The extension of Kylian Mbappé’s deal with Paris Saint-Germain ensues leaving repercussions across the world of football. One of the most critical of this has been LaLiga president Javier Thebes, the one who ordered a harsh message against Parisians when he confirmed the player’s continuity. “What will renewing PSG do to Mbappé with large sums of money (know, where and how to pay it) after giving losses of 700 million euros in the last seasons and having more than 600 million euros in mass wages, is an INSULT to football. At Khelaïfi it’s so dangerous like the Superliga“, continued the words of the director.

Far from ending the controversy, the president of Tie it 1, Vincent Labrune, replied to Thebes with a harsh letter in which he reproaches his words. “We want to express in the strongest terms our disapproval, but also our incomprehension, of his latest attacks on Tie it 1 and one of our clubs. We are all the more shocked by these attacks as you are president of the European leagues (suppose that he represents all the leagues of Europe, including Tie it 1) and member of the Executive Committee of UEFA (whose function is to promote the collective interests of European football)”, began to express Labrune.

The maximum principal of French football continued his plea by assuring that “his attacks against Tie it 1 and against one of our clubs, Paris Saint-Germain, and against one of our players, Kylian Mbappé, are based on his own interpretation the financial insostenibilidad”. and the competitive imbalance, which he repeatedly attributes to Tie it 1 and one of our clubs. The fact that you publicly and repeatedly adopt this position against Tie it 1 on this subject and denigrate our League and our clubs is unacceptable and manifestly false.“.

Darts at Barça and Madrid

Likewise, Labrune reminded Spain’s two greats, saying that “Real Madrid and Barcelona have broken a host of records over the past decade. In terms of transfer value, these two clubs have broken the world record six times“, and added that “as far as player salaries are concerned, Real Madrid currently have in their bench two of the best paid players in world football”.

Finally, the president of the French league mentioned the debt of FC Barcelona »in terms of debt, says that Barcelona have a debt level of 1.500 million euros” and culminated the statement highlighting the costs that have made in Spanish football over the last decade, arguing that “over the last 10 years, LaLiga has spent 32% more on players than Tie it 1”. It seems that the Mbappé affair ‘has left an ‘enmity’ in the sport.

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