Representatives investigate alleged irregularities in TCN recruitment exercise


July 20 (THEWILL) – The House of Representatives has called on the management of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to explain alleged irregularities in the hiring process at the agency.

The resolution followed the unanimous adoption of a motion by Representative Preye Oseke, (PDP-Bayelsa), during Wednesday’s plenary.

Oseke said TCN is in the process of concluding a recruiting exercise, in which more than 400 applicants were favorably considered;

According to him, only a few of these successful candidates are from Bayelsa, despite the very large number of eligible qualified candidates from said state.

The legislator said that given the unrest among young people due to mass unemployment, such an act of alleged prejudice and unequal distribution of opportunities could have a negative impact on the unethical conduct perpetrated by young people in the state.

“Concerned that the imbalance of opportunity against Bayelsa is not only discriminatory, but amounts to a clear violation of Articles 14 (3) and (4) of the 1999 Constitution on the application of the principle of federal character.

“Aware that Section 318 (1) of the 1999 Constitution defines federal character as ‘the distinct desire of the Nigerian people to promote national unity, foster national loyalty and provide every Nigerian citizen with a sense of belonging to the nation, as expressed in Article 14(3) and (4) of the Constitution, which means that beyond the constitutional imperative to conform to the Constitution lies the utilitarian value of fairness and justice;

“Concerned that the continued marginalization and discrimination of Bayelsa residents in past and ongoing recruitment exercises by government agencies is a potential cause of disaffection among the many unemployed young people in the state who want gainful employment,” a- he declared.

Rep. Nkem Abonta (PDP-Abia) amending the motion, said that besides Bayelsa, Abia among others had been affected.

He said the house should also stand up for all other states in the federation that have been sidelined.

In his decision, the vice-president, Rep. Ahmed Wase, instructed the commissions on federal character and public service issues to invite the head of the Federation department and the general manager of TCN.

Wase said officials should be brought in to explain the reason for some states being sidelined in an ongoing recruiting exercise.

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