Rare copy number variation in post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Structure design and design: AXM, CMN, JS, KCK, KJR, MBS, RAS, RMS, TW Data acquisition, analysis or interpretation: ABA, ACB, AD-K., AE, AEA, AG, AGU, ALR, AOR, APK, AR, AR, AXM, BL, BOR, BPFR, BRL, BT, BWD, CEF, CEL, CHV, CMN, CMS, CPM, DB, DGB, DLD, DM, DS, EA, EAB, For example, EK, GC, GH, HKO, HW, IJ, IL, JD, JIB, JJL, JMC-D.-A., JRM, JS, JSS, JV, KAM, KCK, KD, KJR, KJR, LAML , LAZ, MAS, MBS, MHT, MJL, MJ-L., M.Ja., M.Je., MK, MLK, MP, MPB, MRM, MU, MX, NCF, OS, PRB, PGC.CNV, PGC .PTSD, RAB, RAS, RCK, RH, RJU, RM, RMS, RMY, RY, SAM, SDL, SJ, SM, SW, SWS, TW, VBR, WE, WSK, ZS AXM, BT, EK, GH , JRM, MJ-L., MK, OS, SJ, SWS, US, ZS

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