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Promised Land Homestead Farm is located among the beautiful Live Oaks of Madison County. It spans 62 acres of open pasture, oak hammock bottoms, and uncultivated farmland, where sheep and cattle co-graze.

Promised Land Homestead is owned and founded by Tony and Tobi Hester, of Madison County. They began their colonization journey when they yearned to find the truth in their food. Hester’s goal is to provide clean, natural food for people (and their pets) to be healthy and nourished. The practice of sustainable agriculture and family ownership became a way of life for the Hesters.

One of the many ways the Hesters practice sustainable agriculture is by co-grazing. During co-grazing, sheep and cattle often consume different plant species or different parts of the same plant, using the diversity of vegetation in the field. The practice of co-grazing also helps to minimize pests. This process also contributes to regenerative agriculture.

By practicing regenerative agriculture, the Hesters grow seasonally and feed the animals what they cultivate. Animals fertilize the soil, plowing the land as they roam and graze. The Hesters are proud of their pasture-raised animals, they make sure that no antibiotics, soybeans, corn or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used in the animal feed.

The Hesters are also participating in the Shave ‘Em to Save’ em initiative. Due to decades of decline in the wool market, the overall sheep population is shrinking, leading to the addition of more than 20 once popular breeds to The Livestock Conservancy’s Endangered Breeds List. This initiative, launched by The Livestock Conservancy, aims to spark the interest of lint artists in rare breed sheep wool. By introducing lint artists to rare breed sheep wool and sponsoring a challenge to start new projects and earn items when completed, The Conservancy hopes to bring business to shepherds and increase populations of rare sheep breeds on its conservation priority list.

Promised Land Homestead sells a variety of meat and their livestock products such as lamb, rabbit, beef, chicken, and eggs. They also sell honey from their hive. For more information on their farm or how to place an order, visit their website at

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