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If I had found it difficult to discern the origin of the socio-political and socio-economic crises in Nigeria, I would have concluded that Boko Haram, banditry, kidnappings and the foolish practice of ritual money are caused by misadministration and the embezzlement of national wealth and the terrible consequences that result. disparity between a handful of haves and countless have-nots amid plenty – the psychological and physical subjugation of the masses with the instrument of the state; and the senseless arrogance of these representatives. I would have described the act of terrorism as the mismanagement and mismanagement of common wealth; the hijacking of the system of government by elected or selected representatives through the formulation of heinous elitist policies that systematically make those representatives, who are elected and selected to serve and who should be accountable to their people, sudden plutocrats in society. It is true that the lack of vision and the incompetence of those who serve as representatives have plunged the nation into deep crises, but when one understands the mechanism of human disposition and the influence of time, it will not be really easy to find someone to blame. .

Humans have a preconfigured primary disposition and acquire an adaptive, alternating disposition structured by an adoptable variable that modulates and makes human primary attributes highly sensitive to temporal oscillation. This makes time the number one cause of sudden and highly observable behavior change. Time alternates the modulated and altered perceptions of humans by regulating the human disposition to various attractions and positions. And like human relations, relations between nations oscillate between diplomacy and aggression due to the dynamics of time. Thus, conflicts or wars are not caused by a collision of polarized intentions, but rather by an inclination triggered by time. Time is the catalyst that triggers a struggle between peoples, plunges the nation into insurrection and the countries into wars. Everyone has a knowable moment of probable self-crisis; a moment that triggers a personal, relational or professional crisis. As an individual, a nation also experiences a predictable period of crisis.

No nation is immune to an internal crisis (socio-economic and socio-political). A nation’s economic prosperity is not a fortress; and there is no consistent diplomatic relationship. In administrative matters, success depends on harmony over time. If an individual is out of harmony with time, time molds the individual as an Agent-Provocateur of Time (ZQuantum + E + t. Any person strongly inclined to provoke a crisis in a defined territory). And so not only shortsightedness and ineptitude, time, as a resonant constriction that subliminally affects and modulates its relative source and induced latent collective, also arrests progress, inflames misadministration, compels a person in an administrative position or a citizen to act in a way that may or may trigger a serious national crisis. The balance of life is articulated on the ratio of probabilities to frequencies and the imbalance or annihilation of life is directly proportional to the simultaneous certainties. Thus, although there are nine possible outcomes and all possibilities are distinguished by relationship, position and time, only four variable possibilities are presented annually and each variable is a set of parallel possibilities. However, the certainty of any possibility is an exclusive event.

Additionally, the Law of Seed Activity states that action, reaction, attraction, repulsion, and the resulting responses and relationships are inertia until enforced by time. . And the level of impact of the activities is directly proportional to the harmony of the exclusive and complementary variables of the catalysts with the position and the time. Thus, if all complementary variables are out of sync with time as an agent provocateur, however heinous government policies may be, and intense the level of complaint and proximity to the edge of the precipice, there will be no national crisis. severe. But when complementary variables are synchronized (catastrophic-inclination, national-vulnerability, time-agent-provocateur-time), time substitutes people’s docility for a high level of belligerence or seditious activity. Life is osmotic, palpable and measurable. Actions and reactions are constantly recursive, and because an entity adopts, adapts, and acts as a capability, an observer can distinctly differentiate and classify actions and reactions into their variable elements, thus allowing for empirical analysis and to synthesize quantized sounds to extract ontological elements. action and reaction syntaxes and to transcribe the applicable syntaxes into recursive action, reaction and response formulas effective in the empirical analysis and practical management of physical situations (relationships, conflicts, terrorism, etc.).

Although the precise attribution of certainty when there are countless parallel possibilities remains a challenge, the time oscillation makes it possible to measure moments of certainty and to assign certainty when there are only two or four unequal entities. Thus, it is now empirically and physically possible to foreshadow when a nation can/will plunge into a socio-economic crisis or a socio-political crisis or both, and the person’s time can/will use this as a catalyst. And it makes it easy to stop current crises in Nigeria and anticipate crises in Nigeria and around the world.



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