Pentagon asks military to report on ‘Havana syndrome’


Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaks at the Pentagon (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

A memo sent by the Defense Ministry on Thursday says the agency is taking its broadest look to date at so-called ‘Havana Syndrome’, or an unexplained medical phenomenon that has been reported by more than 100 members. of American diplomatic personnel around the world.

The memo, signed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, encourages the US military, DoD employees and federal contractors to report cases of “sudden and disturbing sensory events” which are followed by “symptoms such as ailments. headache, pain, nausea or imbalance “.

“If you believe you have experienced a sensory event with the re-occurrence of such symptoms, immediately remove yourself, your colleagues and / or family members from the area and report the incident and symptoms to your chain of command, to your security guard and health care provider. . If you have reason to believe that a colleague or colleagues also experienced [anomalous health incidents], please encourage these people to do the same, ”the secretary wrote.

The note, first reported by The New York Times, was delivered Thursday to nearly three million people in the defense arena, and has the potential to dramatically increase the number of cases of known abnormal health incidents recorded by the US government, which currently stands at around 130.

The incidents, which involve concussion-like symptoms and have not yet been explained by any medical or government official, originated with American diplomats in Cuba, earning it the nickname “Havana Syndrome.” But quickly spread to other US personnel around the world, including some stationed in the US according to various reports. Some questioned the severity of the symptoms and the quality of the evidence indicating any form of sonic or microwave attacks, while others, including former President Donald Trump, were quick to blame the incidents.

“I believe Cuba is responsible,” he said in 2017.

CIA Deputy Director David Cohen vowed that the U.S. government is working to provide a conclusive explanation of the incidents during a session Tuesday at the annual Intelligence and National Security Summit, according to the Times.

“We will find out,” he said.


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