Ovialand offers ‘instant home, instant financing’ to Filipino families

Every family dreams of having a beautiful house to live in. However, building a house can take time. Add to that the financing process to buy a house.

But Ovialand, Inc., a mass-housing real estate developer, offers “Instant Home, Instant Financing,” which means providing fast, yet quality home building and home buying service to Filipino families.

“Our ‘Instant Homes, Instant Financing’ is the result of Ovialand reinventing and rethinking the mass housing industry. After our years of experience and understanding of our customers pain points, we came up with these solutions to help Filipinos to buy their homes without a headache,” said Ovialand President Pammy Olivares-Vital.

Families looking to build their own homes across Ovialand can expect the structure of their homes to be completed in just three days. This is made possible by the developer’s exclusive prefabrication technology. Then the finishing touches to the house, such as painting, tiling, electrical and plumbing work, will take another 30 days.

But just because Ovialand finishes a home quickly doesn’t mean it’s sacrificing quality. Its precast system uses solid concrete and solid structural design to build the homes, while its skilled workers have plenty of tools and materials to ensure a well-built home. And before the home is handed over to buyers, Ovialand’s quality control team first checks the home to ensure it is built to standard.

Ovialand also continuously builds the houses according to the established schedule, unlike some of its competitors who wait for a certain percentage of equity from buyers before starting to build the house. And as the house is under construction, Ovialand supports buyers in their requests for real estate financing.

After a buyer purchases a unit, Ovialand assigns it to a personal account agent. Their service is all about making sure buyers have a smooth home buying transaction, which starts with assessing the buyer’s loan eligibility and commitment to buying a home. And with the high real estate value of Ovialand’s homes, it has partner financing institutions ready to finance buyers.

With such assistance in applying for home financing, Ovialand allows buyers to move in as soon as the house is built. The process usually takes between 30 and 120 days, depending on the availability of the house.

“We believe that if you can buy a car, pay a deposit, get approved for financing, and leave the dealership with a new car within a month, then why can’t you do the same with your home ?” said Ms. Olivares-Vital.

Ovialand’s developments are currently concentrated in the southern Luzon region, offering prime family living with its residential projects in Laguna and Quezon. The company is preparing to strengthen its presence in new territories.

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