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A political scientist, Abiodun Adebayo Israel Adebanjo, said Nigeria will remain a corrupt nation unless the relevant government agencies charged with fighting corruption do so genuinely, without fear or favor.

He made the statement on the occasion of the National Chronicle’s annual conference / convening and honorary doctorate in public administration award ceremony in conjunction with Cornerstone University Jerusalem, Israel in Abuja on Saturday.

Abiodun spoke on “Trends in conventional corruption in Nigeria from independence to date and its implications for unemployment, insecurity and national development: the way forward”.

He said corruption has affected all segments of Nigerian society and unless anti-corruption organizations do something differently, Nigeria will continue to suffer from corruption.

The guest speaker said Nigerians should be reminded that the task is for everyone, especially civil society, to tackle corruption in national life.

He said corruption is hostile to the progress and development of any country because it fuels unemployment and insecurity.

He explained that “corruption diverts resources from productive segments of the economy to white elephant projects, thus creating a micro economic imbalance.”

He stressed that “without a real fight against corruption, unemployment will continue to rise in Nigeria and insecurity will pervade the political system”.

Abiodun called on the federal government to instill what he called a “patriotic state of mind” in every individual, group or association by working with universities, anti-corruption agencies and civil society organizations “in view. to develop an anti-corruption curriculum, which should be taught in our schools and in all government ministries, departments and agencies.

In his welcoming remarks, the country’s representative, Cornerstone University, Jerusalem, Dr Godwin Nyitse, implored the winners to be good ambassadors and help build the nation.


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