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NEW YORK, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and insights from CEOs of:
NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR), Guardforce AI (NASDAQ: GFAI), XTM, Inc. (OTC: XTMIF) (CSE: PAID) and Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (OTC: AITX).

Emerging technologies and lifestyle megatrends today are unlocking trillion-dollar market opportunities for disruptive innovation in the way we live, work and play. The Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry thought leaders who are shaping our world today and in the decades to come:

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech AR Solutions (OTC:NEXCF) (CSE:NTAR): “NexTech is on the road to Metaverse and Web 3.0 for a $5.5 trillion e-commerce market”
NexTech AR (OTC: NEXCF), a featured presenter on Wall Street Reporter’s “Next Super Stock” investor conference series, recently shared with investors how NEXCF is emerging as a key player in the global trading market transition. $5.5 trillion electronics to Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. NEXCF augmented reality solutions allow products to be viewed in realistic 3D, in their own living room. This AR shopping experience bridges the gap between the physical world and what was once a flat 2D online e-commerce experience. NEXCF’s AR shopping experience is a game-changer for the global 5.5 trillion e-commerce industry (source: Statisa 2022).

NEXCF AR solutions create billions of dollars in potential profitability and cost savings for e-commerce leaders by driving a +93% increase in click-through rate and a -40% reduction in product returns. This value creation and return on investment is driving growing demand and industry adoption of NEXCF AR solutions. Nearly 2 billion of the world’s population now shop online. More importantly, over 72% of e-commerce is now done by mobile phone – a native platform for augmented reality apps like NEXCF. Top global brands using NexTech AR include: Ford Mach EV, Kohls, CB2, Crate & Barrel, Pier 1 and Segway.

“NexTech’s AR solutions are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ for e-commerce leaders to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, where even marginal improvements in metrics such as click-through and click-through rates return can mean the difference of billions of dollars to a company’s bottom line… We are now at an inflection point, where industry demand and adoption of NextTech’s AR is accelerating and becoming mainstream As e-commerce shifts to Web 3.0 and Metaverse, the demand for AR/3D product models becomes critical NexTech is becoming the “on-ramp” to Metaverse and Web 3.0 for the software industry. $5.5 trillion e-commerce With over 200 million e-commerce product SKUs worldwide, NexTech has a potential multi-billion dollar revenue pipeline in the years to come.
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Lei Wang, CEO of Guardforce AI (NASDAQ: GFAI): “Robot adoption is increasing in hospitality”
Guardforce AI (NASDAQ:GFAI), an integrated security solutions provider, today announced that it has entered into a mutual agreement with Blue Pin (HK) Limited to integrate BP’s guest services robot into the company’s concierge robots. company (Series T) and co-market integration within the hospitality industry. BP is a leading software provider specializing in hotel automation technologies. Its flagship solution, GSR, is designed to offer a customizable digital solution that enables hotels to improve guest engagement and day-to-day operations. This integration between Guardforce AI and BP will enable a series of self-services, including online booking, check-in and check-out. CEO Lei Wang comments, “This project is an exciting step for Guardforce AI as we dive deeper into the hospitality industry and deliver enhanced innovative robotic solutions that meet the complex requirements of our customers. After the pandemic, there is great potential in Asia. The Pacific Rim hospitality industry and this partnership with BP aligns Guardforce AI to benefit.
News from Guardforce AI (NASDAQ: GFAI):

XTM, Inc. (OTC:XTMIF) (CSE:PAID) Marilyn Schaffer, CEO: “Positioned for exponential growth with a $1 trillion market opportunity”
Marilyn Schaffer, CEO of XTM Inc, (OTC:XTMIF) (CSE:PAY), featured anchor of Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK live stream, reports that XTMIF is poised for exponential revenue growth as its fintech platform expands into the US trillion+ dollar restaurant and hospitality and service market in the coming weeks.
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XTMIF is a neo-banking fintech company, providing specialized mobile banking and payment solutions to the hospitality, personal care and service industries across North America. XTMIF’s Today(™) app gives employees same-day access to their pay and tips, via a mobile wallet and app. Same-day access to tips and wages is a critical benefit in today’s tight labor market, and gives restaurants and services a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining staff. XTMIF’s revenue is accelerating as more companies adopt its fintech platform as a means of attracting and retaining staff. CEO Marilyn Schaffer says XTMIF is poised for exponential growth in 2022 as it expands into the US market from Canada, and increasingly adapted by major restaurant and hospitality operators . Revenues are now trending with +20-25% month-over-month growth. Marilyn shares that XTMIF’s revenue growth will be further accelerated as it leverages additional in-app services and further monetizes its large and growing user base. XTMIF is also considering a number of strategic acquisitions in the fintech space in the coming months.
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Steve Reinharz, CEO of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (OTC: AITX): “Security robots offer better value than humans”
Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., (OTC: AITX) reports that its wholly owned subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc., has received an order for 4 ROSA security robots from one of the largest private energy companies in the United States. United. CEO Steve Reinharz, said, “RAD’s ROSA device is the perfect security solution for this end user who recently acquired a large parcel of land with several large parking lots. These car parks often attract vagrants and intruders. ROSA’s ability to autonomously detect and deter intrusions will help eliminate this dangerous nuisance. In addition, the client is delighted that ROSA can also convey positive and welcoming messages to employees and visitors during the day. We estimate that deploying the 4 ROSA units will save the end user over $150,000 per year compared to the cost of using traditional security guard services. This is the ideal environment for a ROSA deployment, a large property, no nearby security guards, and ROSA’s abilities to deter intrusions. All this and saving the customer a lot of money. That’s the value RAD delivers, that’s our business. »
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