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Dimapur | 22 august

Petroleum marketing companies (OMCs) reportedly cut fuel prices across the country on August 22 after keeping them unchanged for 35 days, but in Nagaland prices edged up.

Pump prices for automotive fuels have been static since July 18, the IANS news agency reported.

However, in Nagaland, some districts like Dimapur and Kohima saw lower prices for diesel and gasoline, while in other districts such as Tuensang and Kiphire, there was a marginal increase.

Records kept by The Morung Express, based on the official IndianOil One app, have shown that changes in fuel prices do not necessarily follow the national pattern.

For example, on August 1, when fuel prices remained stable for 15 days since July 17, the cost of gasoline and diesel fell slightly in Nagaland.

Thus, gasoline and diesel, which sold at the same prices as between July 17 and July 31, the date of the last price revision, experienced a slight drop on August 1.

Subsequently, there were some slight downward revisions to fuel prices in the state, although they remained static in other parts of the country.

A comparison of July 17 and August 22 (see table) found that during this interim period, the cost of diesel fell across the district, from 85 paise in Dimapur to 60 paise in Tuensang.

In the case of gasoline, it went from Rs 100.36 on July 17 to Rs 100.12 on August 22 in Dimapur when it was a drop from Rs 101.31 to Rs 101.12 in Kohima.

However, with marginal increases on August 22, three districts – Tuensang, Kiphire and Noklak posted slightly higher gasoline prices than on July 17. In all other districts, the price of gasoline was lower.

Aug 22 drop, IANS says amid falling global crude oil prices

Fuel prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes such as value added tax (VAT) and freight charges. The WTO reviews fuel prices daily by comparing retail fuel prices and the dollar exchange rate.


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