Mars Recalls M & M’s Crispy Products Due to Unauthorized GMO Ingredient | New

Mars Wrigley is recalling a lot of its M & M’s Crispy products due to the presence of a genetically modified organism (GMO).

According to a statement shared by Mars, the GMO was present in an ingredient that had been produced by one of its suppliers.

Several lot codes in its Crispy M & M’s unit packs, treat bags, pouches and “more to share” pouches have been recalled.

The giant fmcg has said it does not use GMOs in any of its products in Europe.

“In addition, no GMOs are allowed for this ingredient under UK law and therefore the products need to be recalled,” he added.

“These products are not allowed on the market,” a Food Standards Agency (FSA) spokesperson told The Grocer.

“We have been in contact with the company and asked them to keep us informed of their investigations,” she added.

Mars said it has undertaken “a thorough tracing exercise” to determine the location of affected products.

“We can also confirm that we have stopped all production using the affected ingredient and have suspended all products made with the affected batch,” he added.

“We will work with the supplier who supplied the ingredient to ensure that extensive controls are in place to ensure the problem does not recur.”

No other brand or product was affected, he said.

It comes as Highland Spring is currently recalling its 750ml glass sparkling water bottles following reports of the product explosion.

The manufacturing error – which forced the brand to recall up to 130,000 bottles – left a consumer with a “minor cut,” a spokesperson told The Grocer.

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