Madridistas’ double morality with Vinicius and Neymar

Vinicius Jr. Consecrated himself as one of the stars of Real Madrid and the world of football. The Brazilian footballer has given an exponential leap in quality since the start of last season and it has consolidated like one of the main figures of its equipment thanks to its imbalance and its remarkable improvement at the time of annotating. Now, given the absence of Karim Benzema due to his thigh injury, the ’20’ has taken a step forward and taken the reins of the white group, which follows the invictos in all competitions.

However, the former Flamengo player was for several weeks in the “eye” of critics because of his “grazing” with other footballers on the field and, above all, by his individual ways of celebrating goals. And it is that in the extreme, like a good part of his carioca compatriots, tends to do a little dance to the rhythm of the samba after having scored so much, situation that has generated great unease among his rivals who have already tildan of ‘provocateur’.

Moreover, the last presentations of League of Vini spoke a lot. In the party that faced the madridista square in front of Mallorca, the carioca showed ‘desenfocado’ in several stretches of a meeting that was very hot, crossing on various occasions with the bermello players and even with his technician Javier Aguirre. Same case as the derbi in front of Athletic de Madrid, where the striker aroused the fury of his rivals because of his simulations and exaggerations.

Following the racist attacks suffered by that of Rio de Janeiro (absolutely repudiable facts and which must not take place either in football or in life), the debate arose from the fact that the main defenders of the footballer are those who, at his time, ‘atizaron’ to Neymar Jr. By attitudes similar to those of the madridista ’20’. During his stage at FC Barcelona, ​​the former Saints was the victim of complaints from part of a sector of madridismo who accused him of ‘provocative’ due to his hammer, celebrations, piscinazos and exaggerations. Same situation as in the present, only the one with a common opinion manipulated for convenience.

Neymar Jr., his main defender

For his part, the extreme of Paris Saint-Germain was one of the first to give the mouth by his compatriot after the racist acts in his counter. “It drools, it dances and I know you the same. Happy as you are. It’s going up for the top, boy, the next goal dance” and “Am I the only one who woke up with victory for Vinicius to score a goal tomorrow?” These are some of the messages published by the ’10’ of the Parisians on his Twitter account in the precedent of the Madrid derbi. The ‘Vini case’ follow giving who speaks.

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