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Like so many parks for sale across the country, the number of premium cattle sold at the Wangaratta Cattle Exchange has been lower than normal this year. Exchange Chairman John Muraca said it was because Australian cattle ranchers were rebuilding their herds after the last years of drought. “What we call the fat market is holding up at best, probably declining,” he said. Stock market figures from January to May of this year 2645 premium or fat cattle were sold, compared to 4,971 premium cattle sold in the same period last year. Mr Muraca said this was due to the lack of top quality livestock in the area. “It’s not just Wangaratta, it’s in general,” he said. “Take a look at the numbers everywhere, they’re nowhere near where they should be.” The cattle are not there … because of the drought. “Data from the Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange showed a similar story. From January to April of this year, the NVLX had a throughput of 21,705 premium cattle, but around the same time last year it had 46. 002. Unit manager Tim Kuis said the decline was mainly due to the drop in herd numbers in Australia, but that was not the only reason. OTHER NEWS: “I think the whole herd has decreased, but there has also been a shift from marketing the cattle in main markets to marketing them in store markets, “he said.” It’s not local, it’s a national effect Wangaratta Livestock Exchange board member and local livestock agent Justin Keane said the supply and sale of premium livestock was low in Australia means t many slaughterhouses were not operating at full capacity. “Lots of They only work three-quarters of their capacity because they simply cannot have the amount of cattle to kill, ”he said. “The national weekly kill, if you wanted to google it since last year around this time, could have been around 160,000 to 170,000 cattle for the week, but if you go back and take a Look at last week’s kill, it was probably less. over 100,000. “So there are 60,000 to 70,000 fewer cattle being processed in Australia each week.” Although throughputs are lower. At the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange, Mr. Muraca said the company is still breaking even. Our reporters are working hard to provide up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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