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GMOs are made when the genetic material of foods and plants is artificially modified to give it a new property, such as a plant’s resistance to a disease, insect or drought, a plant’s tolerance to a herbicide, improving the quality or nutritional value of a food, increased crop productivity). The EU’s GMO approach is described as a precautionary approach, which requires pre-market authorization for any GMO to be placed on the market and post-market environmental surveillance for any authorized GMO.

But Lord Frost thinks this approach is “too restrictive”.

He said in a statement to the House of Lords on September 16:
“Brexit is now a fact. This country is now embarked on a great journey.

“We each have the opportunity to make this new trip a success. To make us as a country more satisfied, more prosperous, more united and I hope everyone will join us in doing it.

He also said the UK government plans to create a “growth-friendly, trusted data rights regime” that would replace the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

He said that this new regime would be “more proportionate and less burdensome”.

He also said, “I make no apologies for standing up for freedom, free enterprise and the freedom to think and debate things.

“I think it’s obvious that free debate, free enterprise, free economies, and the ability to change governments will always benefit countries that have these things.”

Lord Frost has promised a “review of the inherited approach to genetically modified organisms”.

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He said: “Let us free the extraordinary UK bioscience sector from anti-genetic modification rules. Let’s develop the late blight resistant crops that will feed the world.

In 2018, the European Court of Justice’s ban on genome editing in agriculture was the source of much criticism and was said to have disagreed with mainstream scientific opinion, both in Europe and elsewhere. of the world according to some scientists.

Lord Frost said the Environment Secretary would present plans for reforming the regulation of genetically modified organisms shortly.

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