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Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has called French President Emmanuel Macron to Paris amid the escalating Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The meeting comes at a time when Macron is engaged in heavy diplomatic moves to defuse simmering tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Jaishankar hailed Macron for finding time amid intense negotiations between Russia and the United States over Ukraine to discuss the strategic Indo-Pacific region.

The main issues discussed at the meeting included the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the Indo-Pacific and the strengthening of diplomatic, economic and defense ties between India and France, people familiar with the report said. case.

Earlier in the day, Jaishankar, during a speech at the French Institute of International Relations, called France a great power with a global vision and an independent mindset.

“It is a relationship that has been free from the sudden changes and surprises that we sometimes see in other cases. Indeed, these bonds have continually adapted to change and come out stronger,” he said. .

While the Foreign Ministry is tight-lipped on the matter, Jaishankar may have conveyed a message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Macron, the people quoted above said.

Jaishankar had commended the European Union and the Macron administration for their commitment to Indo-Pacific security, as the two have a strong partnership presence and interests in the region.

“We welcome the commitment of the EU to contribute to the security of the region. It remains a maritime century, and the tides of the Indo-Pacific region will certainly help shape its future. Our collective efforts can keep the oceans peaceful, open and secure, and, at the same time, help conserve their resources and keep them clean,” he added.

During the meeting, Jaishankar also highlighted the European Union’s silence on developments in the Indo-Pacific region since 2009.

Addressing the European Union Ministerial Forum on the Indo-Pacific in Paris, the Minister of Foreign Affairs warned the European Union that it is important to counter hegemonic designs in the Indo-Pacific, if not the forces of imbalance will spread even in Europe.

“Today we see challenges in this regard with the clarity that proximity brings. And believe me, distance is not insulation. The problems we face in the Indo-Pacific will extend beyond that, even to Europe,” he said on Tuesday.


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