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Updated Wednesday, November 10, 2021 – 6:19 PM

The company expresses “its surprise” at the published information in which Iberdrola sources accuse it of making it difficult to install marine wind farms because of their prices.

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The leading European Basque company in the production of special steels Sidénor responded to statements from Iberdrola, who assured that its prices made it difficult to install marine wind farms. The steelmaker explained that his production for this sector is “marginal”.

The company expressed “its surprise” in a statement in which it claims that the information published “contains inaccurate data, which Sidenor attributes to Iberdrola’s poor knowledge of the situation and business of the company. business”.

Thus, they explain that their production of special steels “mainly targets the automotive market”. “Sales to the marine wind industry are absolutely marginal compared to the company’s total sales,” they assert, and represent “less than 2%” of this total. “In this context, the influence of Sidenor’s prices on the development of global offshore wind can be considered to be practically nil.

In addition, they recall that until October 31 they applied “no price increase due to the increase in the cost of electricity”. “The company has so far suffered the disproportionate increase in the price of electricity compared to its income statement,” they defend.

It should be remembered that in this “hitch”, Iberdrola’s sources in turn responded to statements that Sidenor’s president, José Antonio Jainaga, he had done so in his capacity as president of the Association of companies with large energy consumption (AEGE). According to Jainaga, the current electricity pricing system is “aberrant” and requires for the industry “the legal certainty demanded by the electricity companies”. According to him, with the current prices of energy, industries “go to the hole”.

Likewise, Sidenor denies buying electricity through a closed price contract: “Throughout 2021, it pays 90% of its electricity supply at the wholesale market price, which in October rose to 200%. / MWh compared to an average of the last 10 years of just over 46 / MWh ”.

Finally, they point out that since the start of the price escalation in February, “Sidenor has not received any offer from Iberdrola which would enable it to cope with such a negative price development”.

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