Inner Attitude: The Right Attitude

The Goddess of Life responds to us according to our inner attitude towards her. What is the attitude that can lead us to peace, happiness and success in life?

Q. What is ‘the good spirit’?

A. It depends on the case, my child. The right mind is the will to perfect oneself, or the will to be calm, or… it depends, you see, on the circumstances.

This means that in each circumstance, there is a spirit which is the right spirit, the one that must be had, the attitude that must be adopted internally. It depends on the case.

For example, as soon as we feel a wave of physical imbalance, of bad health coming, well, to concentrate in the right spirit is to concentrate in an interior calm, a confidence in the divine Grace, and a will to remain physically balanced and in good health. It’s the right spirit.

In another case, one may feel a wave of anger or a fit of anger coming from outside; then one should withdraw into an inner calm, a detachment from superficial things.

In the confusion, you have to put yourself in contact as much as possible with your psychic being and the divine Presence in yourself, present the problem to this psychic consciousness and ask for the true light, try to listen and receive inspiration. Either way, that’s the right attitude.

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