Improved CRP rental rates, registration deadlines announced

The USDA Farm Service Agency recently updated rental rates and created new incentives for producers and landowners to register environmentally sensitive farmland in sustainable cover for 10 to 15 years as part of the reserve program. conservation fund funded by the federal government.

South Dakota Hunting, Fishing and Parks Secretary Kevin Robling says CRP is a great alternative for growers. He says listing lands in the CRP creates quality wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities which, in turn, strengthen local economies.

Participants receive annual rents and a 50% cost share to establish perennial cover, which can be grasses or herbaceous plants, to control soil erosion, improve water quality and to develop wildlife habitat. There are options for haymaking and grazing in accordance with a conservation plan, but this could adjust the amount of payment.

State Department Agriculture and Natural Resources Secretary Hunter Roberts said CRP has a proven track record of long-term soil health benefits and improving soil quality. water by reducing soil erosion and runoff. He says it can also increase profitability on marginal lands.

A four out of six year crop history from 2012 to 2017 is required to register Cropland. Pitches currently registered, but expiring September 30, 2021, may also be re-registered this year. The general CRP registration deadline is July 23, 2021, and accepted offers will start October 1, 2021.

The continuous non-competitive CRP program is also an option for landowners and producers. If producers want their contracts to start by October 1, they will need to apply by August 6. This allows for the inscription of buffers, restoration of wetlands, habitat for ducks, pheasants and pollinators, meadow strips, shelterbelts, shelterbelts and marginal pastures. buffers. There is no registration deadline for new Continuing CRP registrations and it is eligible for additional payment incentives and up to 100% cost sharing for establishing long-term coverage.

Those looking for more information about CRP can contact their USDA Service Center or Habitat advisor.

Image credit South Dakota Department of Hunting, Fisheries and Parks.

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