I’m a chef – the three healthy items at Costco you need to buy for your kids, including desserts as low as 67 cents each

There are plenty of healthy items you can buy for your kids at Costco and potentially save money doing so.

Many know Costco for the savings it offers on bulk products.


The food expert said the desserts are a buy thanks to its high-quality ingredients
You Can Save 50% On This Turkey Compared To Other Retailers, According To Bobby


You Can Save 50% On This Turkey Compared To Other Retailers, According To Bobby

To shop at the store, you must be a member, which will cost you $60 or $120 per year depending on the benefits you want.

For Costco shoppers looking to eat healthy, chef and cookbook author Bobby Parrish has a few products for you.

He also describes himself as a grocery expert who educates people about what they put in their bodies so they can thrive while saving money.

Here’s what he shared with his over 1 million Instagram followers, a recent video about what you can buy for your kids.

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1. Healthy Choice Organic Fudge Bars

Healthy Choice lives up to its name – and it’s no different, even with a fudge snack.

The snack contains non-genetically modified organism (GMO) skimmed milk, no processed oils and vanilla extract.

But the best part is the low sugar content.

“They only have eight grams of sugar,” Bobby said.

“It’s a great dessert option.”

As for prices, keep in mind that this may vary by location.

But an 18-count in the Costco Bobby was on sale for $11.99.

It’s about 67 cents a bar.

2. Deep Dark Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream

But more chocolatey desserts might be good options for your kids.

Just like with fudge bars, Bobby focuses on low sugar.

The avocado fudge bars contain 12 grams, which is not high for ice cream.

A four-quart pack at the store was $13.99, or about $3.50 each.

Although it’s a bit more expensive, it has Bobby’s endorsement for high-quality ingredients, including organic avocados.

3. Dietz & Watson Organic Sliced ​​Turkey

Bobby is a fan of the value of a 3/9 ounce turkey at Costco.

Although the price may seem high at $14.59, he said the price is 50% lower than other grocery stores when it comes to organic turkey.

The item at Costco includes less than 2% sea salt, water, and organic vinegar.

He describes them as “best in class ingredients”.

And he added that the organic brand is “one of the best turkeys on the market at the best price ever”.

Meanwhile, Bobby said he noticed shoppers buying a sliced ​​turkey brand from Columbus because it was cheaper.

But he recommends avoiding it because it contains soy protein isolate, brown sugar, and GMO turkey.

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