How to handle the ‘toughest time to navigate leadership in the local church’

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Lance Witt is the founder of Replenish Ministries. He served as senior pastor for three different churches and spent seven years as executive pastor and teacher at Saddleback Church. He is often called a pastor’s pastor and is the author of several books, including “Replenish” and “High-Impact Teams.” Lance’s latest book is “your only life.”

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Key questions for Lance Witt

-How can pastors assess whether they are living the purpose God has for them?

-How can church leaders find a balance between not taking your life for granted and not being paralyzed by the importance of using your time well?

-In your book, you talk about the “day syndrome”. What is it and how does it rob us of purpose and satisfaction?

– What can we learn from the example of Jesus on how to live our lives with purpose?

Lance Witt key quotes

“Pastors have never been so criticized and scrutinized. No matter what they say, it’s wrong, it’s upsetting. Someone is going to leave the church over it. So yeah, I think at least in my life, this has been the hardest time to navigate leadership in the local church.

“We are in a period of incredible confusion, of imbalance. People seem lost on so many different levels.

“A mantra I use in my ministry is that we want to help people live well so they can lead well, and I think the order of that is important. Because I think for me, for a lot of my ministry life, I was so focused on church building, church growth, preaching sermonsfocused on sanctifying all others, that sometimes I lost sight of my first place of leadership being to conduct myself well.

“The greatest gift you will give to those you lead is your own healthy soul.”

“I think the first thing you need to do before you can even really answer questions is create some space.”

“I have to start taking responsibility for the direction of my time and the pace of my life. I have to take responsibility for doing some of the hard inner work around my soul issues.

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