Has Lexi been excluded from the Navarro Cheer squad?

Many athletes from Navarro College’s cheering team stand out. I mean, that’s all the appeal of putting together a bunch of tumblers, stuntmen, and trophy-winning flyers: being unstoppable and, most importantly, unforgettable. But, if there’s a cheerleader we’ve grown to love in Applaud, the emotional roller coaster of a Netflix docu-series who dives deep into the world of glued ankles and full-outs is Lexi Brumback. She’s that wild Houston kid with a troubled past but a seemingly bright future thanks to the Navarro cheerleader program, trainer Monica Aldama, and her members.

At the end of ApplaudWe learn that despite all the triumphs at the Nationals in Daytona, Lexi was kicked out of the squad after illegal substances were allegedly found in the car she and her friends were in. According to Lexi’s All Star trainer Calvin Beene, she took the blame. As Monica has mentioned several times, the Cheer program has a zero tolerance policy.

It was devastating, but Lexi actually confirmed on January 15 that, in a surprising plot twist, she is back in Corsica and on the team. To see someone come this far to be brought back to unstable territory is heartbreaking. But rest assured, Lexi is back!

“Honey, I’m home,” Lexi wrote on Instagram. She shared a photo with fellow Dillon, Jerry (who is also back in the team despite having looked at other schools), and TT. She also used the elusive hashtag #fiofmu, which would be a coded message that only Navarro cheerleaders and alumni know after having “earned” this knowledge throughout the competitive season.

Lexi further confirmed her place on the team in her Instagram comments. Jerry, too, commented: “So happy to see you again !!! Plus, Lexi tweeted the same photo and a message: “Round 2? I think so.” We’re thumbing through this great news and can’t wait to see what this top-tier team has to offer!

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