From carbonation to cleaning, ATPGroup presents five new systems at CBC 2021

The first of many happy owners of “Racoon”: Simon Duquette (Master Fermentation Room) and Frederick Tremblay (Owner and President) of MicroBrasserie Charlevoix in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada.

ATPGroup | Booth # 4613

ATPGroup covers your end-to-end brewery processes. Check out these five new products, among others, at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America this week.

  1. EasyBraüVelo RACOON in-line carbonation unit with PID control. Semi-automatic or automatic in-line carbonation system designed specifically by ATPGroup and TMCI Padovan for the US craft brewing market. Compact and mobile, built on a stainless steel frame, and ready to go once power and gas are connected.
  1. Cross-flow filter TMCI Padovan Nitor + EasymMEM Series. True DE-free filtration and TMCI Padovan’s revolutionary entry into cross-flow membrane filtration of beer. Fully automatic and expandable, specially designed for brewing with a capillary membrane filter also designed and built in-house by Padovan. 10-100hl / h.
ATP Group
MCI Padovan Cross Flow Filter Nitor + EasymMEM Series

3. Biotec diagnostic Rapid PCR analysis systems. Dr Steven Wagner from Biotecon will be at ATPGroup’s booth to help showcase a range of solutions including:

  • food® Detection and quantification kits: Enables the rapid, simple and reliable detection of pathogens, spoilage organisms, allergens, genetically modified plants and viruses in beer and other beverages. The analyzes are based on real-time PCR.
  • Double32® Real-time PCR cyclers: Compact 32-well instrument optimized for use with foodevidence® quality control kits for all different parameters in the beer and beverage industries
  1. Dräger gas detection systems and personal protection devices. Dräger is the leading manufacturer of portable gas detection, stationary gas detection and respiratory protection devices. Dräger products protect, support and save lives with a variety of masks, single and multigas monitors and DrägerTubes® System that reliably detects a wide range of gases.
  1. ATPGroup cleaning and sanitation products. A complete line of cleaning and sanitizing products designed specifically for the brewing industry to reduce contamination incidents, manage the new FSMA requirements now in place for all breweries and ensure health and safety employees and customers.

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