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The Forum of Former Federal Lawmakers (FFFL) called on the federal government to set a timetable to contain and eliminate the threat of insurgents, bandits, kidnappers, secession agitators and other Boko Haram criminals who are ransoming the country.

In 18-point recommendations signed by its leader, the Hon. Usman Mohammed Balkore, the forum called for an immediate end to the bloody campaign of secessionists who, through blackmail, violence, incitement and assassinations, are razing public and private property, which is unacceptable.

“We must criminalize the ethnic profiling of crimes, using the example of Rwanda. We cannot afford to label criminals according to ethnic identities that crystallize in hatred and revulsion against groups. Criminals are indiscriminate criminals and we must fight them in unison, ”he said.

The forum said all government actions on criminals must be firm, decisive and appropriate to deter all criminals, hostage-taking and kidnapping for ransom must be made unattractive and the death penalty prescribed for all offenders. He therefore called on the government at all levels to prepare to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe due to the increased migration of people from rural areas to urban centers to escape theaters of war and violence. Former lawmakers have called for urgent job creation at all levels of government.

The forum endorsed and advocated for community participation and mobilization to support the current war on terrorism, banditry and insurgency in order to rid society of this looming danger.

“Our basic community policing and intelligence gathering should be strengthened to protect our society. We must individually and collectively provide logistics, vehicles and equipment to our armed personnel to boost their morale and capacity, ”the forum said.

Former lawmakers urged the government to consider recalling its security and military reserves to bolster existing staff.

“The numerical strength of the armed forces must be urgently increased to match the size and population of the country, while the involvement of the military must be seen as a matter of internal security,” they said.

As part of their recommendations, lawmakers want the government to vigorously pursue ranching policy to encourage sedentary pastoralism as a solution to persistent conflicts between farmers and ranchers.

“All stakeholders must embrace and embrace the commitment, education and cooperation necessary to design peaceful transition and exit strategies for nomadic pastoralism in order to achieve a permanent solution,” lawmakers said.

In addition to the above, former lawmakers argued that there was an urgent need to establish special tribunals for speedy justice to deal with the growing threat of kidnappings, banditry, cybercrime, crime, crime and crime. insurgency and other new forms of state of emergency on insecurity and to allocate sufficient funds to finance and modernize the security sector for effective performance and service delivery.

He urged the National Assembly to remain a steadfast partner in this campaign by reviewing all resolutions and reports on security meetings and retreats with a view to ensuring their diligent implementation.

They also called on lawmakers to engage NEMA and other government agencies with a mandate to improve the imbalance caused by the prevailing security situation in the country.

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