FootJoy HydroLite Jacket Review – The Ultimate in Lightweight Protection?


In this FootJoy HydroLite Jacket review, we put this lightweight jacket to the test to find out how it fits, feels and behaves on the golf course.

FootJoy HydroLite jacket review

In the world of marginal wins, being equipped with a raincoat that lets you play your best can be the difference between winning and losing at any level. That’s why I wanted to test the new FootJoy HydroLite jacket from the brand’s 2021 HydroSeries range.

What is my size ?

I’m just over 6’3 inches tall and have a slim build – a nightmare shape to fit some of the best golf tops.

What do I normally wear? Does it happen big / small?

I always order a size medium and hope for the best. In some brands I need to go big but the width is compromised. When it comes to FootJoy, however, the average is usually a good fit, and the HydroLite is no exception. For all others, it is available in S-XXXL.

The midrange provided a nice and comfortable fit in all key areas

How did it adapt / feel / function?

Remarkably. As its name suggests, it is very light and allows complete freedom of movement. It doesn’t seem more bulky than wearing a golf polo shirt – a lightweight polo shirt on top of that.

Putting on is also incredibly easy as it is a full zip jacket with no loose fabric or mesh inside. It’s just a high quality material that slides easily over anything I wear underneath.

Most importantly, it kept me completely dry, even taking a boring, long shower.

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There is one negative point to mention: such a lightweight construction comes at a cost. While this is perfect for wet and warm conditions, you’ll have to layer underneath in the real cold of winter, which defeats the purpose of this particular jacket.

When the temperature drops I would recommend an alternative like the FootJoy HydroTour Jacket or adding one of the better golf sweaters underneath.

Did you notice any additional details?

It’s hard to miss but I liked the marble effect chest panel. Of the five color options, this is featured on the black and navy editions and shows that FootJoy isn’t afraid to test the waters of fashion.

In the black colourway, I was a big fan of the unique design of the marble effect chest

The collar has the corners removed so it doesn’t irritate your skin around the neck, which is especially important when getting over the ball on a crucial shot.

Can you wear it off the course?

Absoutely. Whether I would or not is another matter, but I had no problem attending a clubhouse after the round. In a social setting away from a golf club, I probably wouldn’t choose to wear it, but that’s not because it isn’t fit for the role.

How does it come out after washing / should it be ironed?

Since this is still a new addition to the wardrobe, I haven’t had to machine it yet. However, according to the inscription in the jacket, the HydroLite is suitable for cold washing and tumble drying at low temperature.

He also says not to iron it, and I can’t imagine that would be necessary.


Building on the success of its predecessor, FootJoy has smashed the park with its new HydroLite jacket – in the lightweight golf raincoat market you won’t find anything better. It offers full protection from the rain while allowing golfers to swing without the feeling of restriction that comes with so many other products. It won’t keep you as warm as some larger models, but it’s the perfect jacket for tackling wet and balmy conditions.


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