Five candidates vying for £ 120,000 government role in Brexit Opportunities Unit

Five candidates are competing to lead the government’s new Brexit Opportunities unit, but the Cabinet Office declined to say how many ethnic minority candidates were shortlisted, it has been revealed.

The shortlist comes after a total of 76 people applied for the job, but the government declined to reveal the diversity of their top five, citing data protection laws, Financial news found.

The new department will help Brexit Minister David Frost capitalize on his exit from the European Union, and its new head will receive up to £ 120,000 a year in taxpayer money.

“Give advice to Boris Johnson”

The successful candidate “will oversee the development of the government’s strategy for regulatory change, while advancing policy development on new opportunities across Whitehall,” according to the government job posting.

He added that the candidate “will engage effectively with ministers, including the prime minister, to ensure that they receive succinct and clear advice on a variety of policies and contribute to a compelling public discourse on the success of benefits of Brexit “.

Last month, Brexit Minister David Frost said the UK was “on a big journey” in highlighting the changes the government intended to make outside the EU.

Brexit Minister David Frost

Frost said the government intended to create a “growth-friendly, trusted data protection regime” that would replace the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

He said the new regime would be “more proportionate and less burdensome”.

Frost also said the government intends to revisit the EU’s approach to genetically modified organisms, which the UK government considers “too restrictive and not based on sound science” and is therefore on. the point of reforming it.

“Brexit is now a fact. This country is now embarked on a great journey, ”said Frost.

He added: “We each have the opportunity to make this new trip a success. To make us as a country happier, more prosperous, more united and I hope everyone will join us in doing it.

Cost of Brexit

But when Baroness Wheatcroft asked Frost at what price the government-leased Brexit “freedom” was bought, Frost said he didn’t think it was bought at any price.

He immediately added, “I make no apologies for standing up for freedom, free enterprise and the freedom to think and debate.

“I think it’s obvious that free debate, free enterprise, free economies, and the ability to change governments will always benefit countries that have these things.”

But a Goldman study published in 2019 suggested that Brexit is costing the UK £ 600million per week, much more than the £ 350million per week the Leave campaign pledged for the NHS before the vote on Brexit, claiming it was money sent by the UK to the EU.

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