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Anyway, in the spirit of taking the time to reflect on where we are and where we are going from here, my colleague Nicole Goodkind was kind enough to take a look at how Wall Street gate. Short answer: terribly. But the longer answer is more fun, so let’s go.

Here’s the deal: The first half of the year was the worst for the S&P 500, the broadest measure of US markets, in more than 50 years.

The index is down more than 20% for the year, after entering a bear market two weeks ago. The three main US indices – the Dow, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 – ended this month and this quarter in the red.

Markets are easily troubled by uncertainty, and 2022 has been a messy queen of drama from the start, with three major events keeping investors on their toes:

  • Russia’s war on Ukraine (and all the supply-side shocks created for oil and commodities)
  • China’s Covid-19 lockdowns crippled manufacturers added more problems in global supply chains
  • And everyone’s favourite: inflation. The relentless rise in prices forced the Fed to switch to raising interest rates.

This unholy trinity of economic forces has made recession forecasting something of a national sport. Investors head for the exits: the S&P 500 has lost $8.2 trillion in total since the start of the year.

So yeah, it’s not good.

But hey, it’s almost the weekend and I want to see the bright side of things, so here’s a dose of optimism.

What we know from history is that the market always goes up. Ultimately.

And as Nicole notes, there is historically little correlation between the performance of the S&P 500 in the first and second half.

In 1970, for example, it fell 21% in the first six months, then rebounded to gain 27%.

Additionally, US stocks typically rise about 15% on average a year after landing in bearish territory. The last three bear markets have taken only four to five months to recoup losses.

Conclusion: hang on, friends.


Transactions thrive when markets are stable and businesses are doing well. When the mood drops, people get nervous, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing in this bear market. Central banks around the world are raising interest rates, making borrowing more expensive and making new listings and mergers shine.

The number of global IPOs has fallen 54% so far this year compared to 2021, according to Dealogic data provided to my colleague Julia Horowitz. Mergers and acquisitions fell 25%.


It’s not unusual for a brand to hire a smart writer to build a bold or offbeat social media presence. Best-case scenario, you get an account like Wendy’s, which manages to deliver genuine customer service while playfully roasting competitors and clinging to memes.

But when RadioShack this week began broadcasting a stream of explicit, non-work-safe tweets, the internet was stunned. It’s honestly the only one I could find that could be put into Nightcap (and you all know how low our standards are).

Obviously you can google the rest if you’re curious, but I can save you some time by making sure they’re not particularly clever or funny, just vulgar.

“WHAT’s going on at TARNATION with the Radio Shack Twitter?????” one user tweeted. Has the account been hacked? Did one of those young social media writers get burned out and forget he was using his Twitter business?

No. Turns out the tech retail zombie of the 90s is turning to crypto, says my colleague Jordan Valinsky. And the obscene tweets were all part of a marketing ploy for the RadioShack Crypto platform.

It describes itself as a “100-year-old brand embedded in the global consciousness” that will “lead the way in blockchain technology.” The “new” RadioShack has its own crypto token called $RADIO, which is basically worthless.


Let the crypto bros turn a legacy of my childhood mall experience into a stupid scheme.

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Ovialand offers ‘instant home, instant financing’ to Filipino families https://6toros6.com/ovialand-offers-instant-home-instant-financing-to-filipino-families/ Thu, 30 Jun 2022 08:00:27 +0000 https://6toros6.com/ovialand-offers-instant-home-instant-financing-to-filipino-families/

Every family dreams of having a beautiful house to live in. However, building a house can take time. Add to that the financing process to buy a house.

But Ovialand, Inc., a mass-housing real estate developer, offers “Instant Home, Instant Financing,” which means providing fast, yet quality home building and home buying service to Filipino families.

“Our ‘Instant Homes, Instant Financing’ is the result of Ovialand reinventing and rethinking the mass housing industry. After our years of experience and understanding of our customers pain points, we came up with these solutions to help Filipinos to buy their homes without a headache,” said Ovialand President Pammy Olivares-Vital.

Families looking to build their own homes across Ovialand can expect the structure of their homes to be completed in just three days. This is made possible by the developer’s exclusive prefabrication technology. Then the finishing touches to the house, such as painting, tiling, electrical and plumbing work, will take another 30 days.

But just because Ovialand finishes a home quickly doesn’t mean it’s sacrificing quality. Its precast system uses solid concrete and solid structural design to build the homes, while its skilled workers have plenty of tools and materials to ensure a well-built home. And before the home is handed over to buyers, Ovialand’s quality control team first checks the home to ensure it is built to standard.

Ovialand also continuously builds the houses according to the established schedule, unlike some of its competitors who wait for a certain percentage of equity from buyers before starting to build the house. And as the house is under construction, Ovialand supports buyers in their requests for real estate financing.

After a buyer purchases a unit, Ovialand assigns it to a personal account agent. Their service is all about making sure buyers have a smooth home buying transaction, which starts with assessing the buyer’s loan eligibility and commitment to buying a home. And with the high real estate value of Ovialand’s homes, it has partner financing institutions ready to finance buyers.

With such assistance in applying for home financing, Ovialand allows buyers to move in as soon as the house is built. The process usually takes between 30 and 120 days, depending on the availability of the house.

“We believe that if you can buy a car, pay a deposit, get approved for financing, and leave the dealership with a new car within a month, then why can’t you do the same with your home ?” said Ms. Olivares-Vital.

Ovialand’s developments are currently concentrated in the southern Luzon region, offering prime family living with its residential projects in Laguna and Quezon. The company is preparing to strengthen its presence in new territories.

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KBW Ventures Invests in Eclipse’s $40M Series B Round https://6toros6.com/kbw-ventures-invests-in-eclipses-40m-series-b-round/ Wed, 29 Jun 2022 10:33:23 +0000 https://6toros6.com/kbw-ventures-invests-in-eclipses-40m-series-b-round/

  • UAE-based KBW Ventures, founded by HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, has invested in the $40 million Series B of American dessert brand Eclipse, led by Sozo Ventures.
  • Other investors participating in this round include Forerunner Ventures, Initialized Capital and Gaingels.
  • Founded in 2019 by Thomas Bowman and Aylon Steinhart, Eclipse uses a blend of non-genetically modified organism (GMO) plants, including cassava, corn and potato, to create plant-based dairy products.
  • Adding this round, the company has raised $60 million to date.
  • It plans to use the new capital to fuel its growth in retail and foodservice and accelerate its R&D efforts.

Press release

Eclipse Foods, the leader in sustainable, plant-based dairy products that are indistinguishable from conventional dairy, announces over $40M Series B funding round led by Sozo Ventures with participation from leading funds , including Forerunner Ventures, Initialized Capital, Gaingels and KBW Ventures. With the latest funding round, Eclipse has raised over $60 million to date from investors including Seth Goldman, president of Beyond Meat and founder of Honest Tea; Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit; Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, green tech venture capitalist; and Y Combinator, the best technology accelerator in the world. The new funding will fuel the rapid growth of the retail and restaurant business, accelerate R&D on Eclipse’s proprietary plant-based dairy platform, build the brand’s world-class team, and brand Eclipse as a premier real dairy substitute in the world.

“The main reason consumers avoid plant-based dairy products is taste. As self-proclaimed ice cream lovers, our team at Sozo Ventures recognized that Eclipse’s ice cream is in a class of its own after just one bite,” said Bob Roe, VP of Narrative Development at Sozo Ventures. . “70% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant and with the alternative protein space expected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2050, Eclipse is poised to completely transform the dairy industry through its dairy platform exclusive plant-based.”

The Oakland-based brand was co-founded in 2019 by James Beard-appointed chef Thomas Bowman and alternative protein expert Aylon Steinhart with a mission to create a more sustainable, healthy and humane food system. Since then, Eclipse has evolved faster and more efficiently than its competitors in the space, thanks to its plant-based dairy platform that uses a blend of non-GMO plants, including cassava, corn and potato. earth, to create virtually any plant-based dairy. product, from cheeses to spreads to desserts, which replicate the taste, texture and functionality of traditional dairy products.

“With 10 billion people to feed by 2050, we recognized that global diets must change,” said Aylon Steinhart, co-founder and CEO of Eclipse Foods. “Consumers want more than just a dairy alternative like almond milk, they want a real substitute. Our plant-based dairy platform uses micelles (the microscopic magic of milk) to create the replacement products consumers crave. , and our growth over the past three years is testament to that.

Year over year, Eclipse has grown its retail presence by 2100%, with Whole Foods Market, Albertsons, Vons, GoPuff and many other retailers stocking its pints. The brand is also dramatically expanding its restaurant partnerships, working with restaurants, burger chains, ice cream parlors, stadiums and more. Eclipse recently announced its partnership with Smashburger, launching the first non-dairy milkshakes available nationally in a fast-food chain and the first plant-based menu item for the restaurant.

Zimbabwe: CCC downplays latest government economic measures https://6toros6.com/zimbabwe-ccc-downplays-latest-government-economic-measures/ Tue, 28 Jun 2022 13:35:05 +0000 https://6toros6.com/zimbabwe-ccc-downplays-latest-government-economic-measures/

In a statement, CCC national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said more was needed to deal with the current crisis.

“The major policy interventions announced by Minister Ncube are a reiteration of policies that already exist and have failed to curb hyperinflation and stabilize prices. Unfortunately, the measures announced today do not have the capacity to turn the faltering fortunes of the Zimbabwean economy.” of the multi-currency system and the interbank market into law is not new.

“The legal framework for these old systems already exists. It will take more (including building confidence and addressing macroeconomic fundamentals) than changing the wording of legislation to combat hyperinflation and stabilize prices. In In his statement, Minister Ncube rightly acknowledged that the economy suffers from a lack of confidence.

“Trust and trust are fragile. Once lost, they are difficult to restore. Unfortunately, previous experiences have made the market paranoid and very little has been done to regain that trust. In this regard, we have always maintained that the social contract between the state and the citizens of Zimbabwe has broken down. There is a lack of trust in the economy, the state, the government and public institutions,” Mahere said.

Meanwhile, former finance minister in the national unity government, Tendai Biti, says the economic measures are an expression of government incompetence given that the economy has already become self-dollarized.