Di Maria, Barça’s great “low cost” option to strengthen…

Ángel Gave María, next to Leo Messi, went the figure of the Finalíssima of Wembley. Glass America champion Argentina took on Eurocopa winning selection Italy. The Albiceleste went 3-0 in London thanks in large part to the football of the two left-handed footballers. It has already been five years since, on the last night before the summer market closed, FC Barcelona tried by all means to sign the “noodle”, which ultimately did not land at the Camp Nou.

After Neymar’s journey and Dembélé’s signing, Messi wanted him by his side. Coutinho was the first option, but the Liverpool did not sell and, at that time, Gave María was the main focus. He tried until the last second, but couldn’t be. At that time, with 29 years and Messi in mind, the ex-madridista went crazy to play at Barca, but could not be.

From that moment in Qatar, offended by the agreement that gave his sponsorship in the Catalan press, denying the possibility that any PSG player could strengthen at Barça. No to Thiago Silva, no to Marquinhos, no to Verratti, no to Rabiot and, at that time, no to Gave María. Casually, the two Argentines then coincided during the last campaign at PSG. Now I Gave María completes the deal and can freely decide where to play.

To see his great state of form, his way of apprehending football, and his vertical game, everything indicates that he would fit into a Barça where the lack of balance in this area ensues. Without Dembélé and with the price of Raphinha by the clouds, Gave María would be an incorporation at zero cost, of immediate performance and with a more than verified experience.

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The player, despite his 34 years, follows at the highest level and is respected by injuries. He has just played one of his best evenings with Argentina, in addition to having been the scorer of the final in 2021 where his selection won their first title in more than 20 years. At PSG, the footballer surrendered despite the high competition he had, collaborating with 5 goals in Tie it 1, in the 26 matches that were played.

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