Dembélé did not shine in Germany and again disappointed in the Champions League


Another fall of FC Barcelona in Champions was the common place that covered the panorama of European soccer. The group led by Xavi Hernández fell to Bayern Munich in Germany in a meeting where all eyes were on Ousmane Dembélé. The extreme Frenchman was the manager to inject category and speed into the Blaugrana attacks, but was without fuel before the half-hour party.

The French striker had shown four days earlier before Betis that injuries were a thing of the past, and it was smart to be the benchmark in the assault. By his speed, his imbalance, and his ability to shoot, something that seems impossible for the rest of Barça players, Dembélé was the piece of the puzzle to be blamed on Xavi. However, comparing the playing pattern of a Betis who emerged victorious at Camp Nou is different from the approach of Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.

You earn them to play him lasted 20 minutes at ‘The Mosquito’, whoever weeps could contribute to the Blaugrana offensive in frozen Germany. The butt attacker, who was to be the revulsivo, could only finish once in the arch and make a pass with danger. Dembélé returned to fraud, could not tell the difference and did not even involve Manuel Neuer in the 72 minutes that were on the playing field before being replaced by Philippe Coutinho.

It seems that inconsistencies are already common at Barca, and the Vernon-born promises in every game that initiates him but never finalizes him. The nearly 150 million euros that paid Barcelona through the services of the 24-year-old striker still follow without yielding any fruit, and may be one of the causes of the player’s possible exit, both in the next signing market and in the summer, when he finalizes his agreement.

Four seasons of drought

The Ousmane Dembélé affair was a mountain of Russian feelings. The revulsivo striker arrived from Dortmund to Catalonia by € 135m plus 10 in variables, and has vowed to be the long-term face of the Blaugrana institution. Four years later and after numerous injuries, the future of the one who according to Joan Laporta “is better than Mbappé” is uncertain. The window is open for Dembélé to reconnect with the club, but everything is aimed at this being the Frenchman’s “last dance” with Barça.


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