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China: China to tighten regulations on seed production: Ministry of Agriculture

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China will strengthen regulations on the production and exploitation of seeds to create a healthy and orderly environment for the national industrialization of biobreeding, according to a regulatory plan on agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from the Ministry of Agriculture. ‘Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

According to the plan, the ministry will strengthen regulations on seed production bases and seedling-type fields, implementing more frequent testing at the seedling stage, in a bid to prevent the production of illegal genetically modified seeds.

In addition, the ministry will strengthen the sampling of genetically modified components during seed treatment and strictly punish illegal treatment, to prevent illegal seeds from entering the market.

The plan also says the ministry will improve management and step up validation of genetically modified varieties, including soybeans, corn and cotton.

The ministry noted that it will strengthen the examination of foreign traders, domestic traders and processing enterprises, strictly prohibiting the change of use of imported agricultural GMOs, to ensure that all will be used for processing raw materials.

China has always prioritized food security. On Feb. 22, China’s central authorities released the No. 1 Central Document, an important indicator of policy priorities for the year, pledging to ensure food security by firmly holding the people’s rice bowl in their own hands.

As part of efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency, promoting breakthroughs in key agricultural technologies such as seed sources is among the key takeaways from the policy document.

The country’s action plan to revitalize the seed sector would be implemented comprehensively, according to the document, pledging to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the seed sector, among other measures to advance agricultural seed sources.

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