Why might the adoption of Bitcoin by the general public be inevitable? Crypto is the future!

The heart and soul of any nation’s economy would be relentlessly ruled by its monetary policy. The majority of poorly banked countries show weakness in the value of their currency against the dominant USD coin. In particular, the cause of the depreciation in value would be due to pathetic economic …

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Inference of human chromosome abnormalities taking into account the haplotype

Importance Gains and losses of whole chromosomes (aneuploidies) are the leading cause of miscarriages in humans and birth defects. Recent work has shown that in addition to harmful meiotic aneuploidies, mitotic aneuploidies (which lead to mosaic embryos harboring cells with different chromosome numbers) can also be common in preimplantation embryos …

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Illicit funds: negative impact of money laundering on society

Money laundering, corruption hurts ordinary Ugandans and Covid-19 restrictions have fueled cybercrime as people increasingly turn to digital technology to manage their finances, warns senior anti-government official Corruption. Money laundering has potentially devastated Uganda’s economic, security and social situation. Money laundering provides the fuel for drug traffickers, terrorists, illegal arms …

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