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With Pakistan’s very first and still quite ambitious National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP) already approved by the authorities and finally put in place to facilitate the green transformation of the automotive industry, it is time to reflect on the feasibility of this new one. plan. At the same time, industry leaders, government officials and consumer base have questions to answer before taking a leap of faith for a new electric-powered Pakistan.

In this Zonergy blog post, our experts will try to explore the main infrastructure issues while opting for electric vehicles and present a viable research-driven solution for them.

Why is this THE time to say no to fossil fuels?

According to a policy document from Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change, hydrocarbon-fueled transport is one of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 43% of the country’s air emissions. The air quality index in most of our developed cities generally remains below average and we are losing precious lives, talented minds and a hardworking workforce to this deadly air pollution.

The loss of precious human resources is then followed by a huge oil import bill of around $ 13 billion. (Just for a quick reference which equals 2,201,980,300,000 in Pakistani rupees). This heavy oil import bill coupled with the current account deficit has always proven to be a source of imbalance for our economic stability and growth.

According to a LUMS report, if our transportation sector continues to grow at the same double-digit rate, the bill for oil imports is expected to reach an alarming $ 30 billion by 2025. Ask yourself, are we really? able to afford this loss? given the circumstances we are facing?

Electric vehicles (EVs) – the only possible way out for Pakistan

In order to overcome these health, economic and human resource challenges, we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and vehicles powered by hydrocarbons. We need to switch to electric vehicles.

First, since electric vehicles do not emit any unhealthy pollutants, their adoption by Pakistani drivers will greatly reduce emissions of harmful gases. Second, as the increasing trade deficit is one of the main reasons for the stagnation of economic growth in Pakistan, the switch to electric vehicles will drastically reduce the import bill for oil – which is arguably the biggest import commodity. for Pakistan. More than that, electric vehicles have within them the potential to create a whole new manufacturing and service industry in our country, leading to the creation of multiple green businesses and employment opportunities (around 3,000,000 new jobs) . And all this while improving the overall socio-economic situation of our country.

Speaking of the momentary aspects of this transformation, if the target penetration of the first five years is reached as planned, Pakistan will prudently reach around PKR 110 billion per year in savings and income.

Okay, so electric vehicles are the best possible option available at the moment. Now, to maximize the benefits of this transformation, we need to ensure that electricity for electric vehicles does not have to come from burning fossil fuels or hydrocarbons.

Rather, we should use available renewable energy technologies (like solar and wind power) to our advantage and use them as our primary sources of energy, power and movement.

Electric vehicles and solar energy – a heavenly marriage!

Expressing the same concern, the CEO of a renowned engineering company reported in an interview that 30,000 electric vehicles were estimated to consume 1% of Pakistan’s total production capacity.

This brings us to our next question, how is Pakistan going to power all these environmentally friendly electric vehicles? As a starting option, the government can surely count on supplying the network to supply the first batches of electric vehicles. But this model requires a lot of infrastructure development and would certainly take a long time.

Another simpler, more efficient and faster solution is to promote and adopt solar energy solutions to facilitate the continued use of electric vehicles among Pakistani consumers.

The funny fact is that only 10 solar panels can produce enough electrical power to get an EV to travel 21,000 kilometers in a year.

Zonergy, as a market leader in the solar industry, provides cutting-edge solar solutions to its users. You can check out their A-Grade solar solutions by clicking on the link below:


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Study: ‘Substantial Increase’ in Incidents of Vomiting Leading to Hospital Visits After Colorado Legalized Recreational Weed https://6toros6.com/study-substantial-increase-in-incidents-of-vomiting-leading-to-hospital-visits-after-colorado-legalized-recreational-weed/ https://6toros6.com/study-substantial-increase-in-incidents-of-vomiting-leading-to-hospital-visits-after-colorado-legalized-recreational-weed/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 14:04:18 +0000 https://6toros6.com/study-substantial-increase-in-incidents-of-vomiting-leading-to-hospital-visits-after-colorado-legalized-recreational-weed/

The authors of the new study recommend that healthcare clinicians in legal states be aware of the symptoms associated with cannabis hyperemesis syndrome.

Content of the article

New U.S. research indicates that the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado preceded a 29% increase in health care visits among people requiring treatment related to vomiting in state emergency departments.


Content of the article

Concretely, these meetings went from 119,312 in 2013 to 153,699 in 2018, notes a study published last week in Substance use and addiction. In total, 25 percent of patients were up to 18 years old, 14 percent were between 19 and 25 years old, and 61 percent were 26 years or older. About 62% of the patients were women.

Through CNN, “When a teenager arrives with cyclical abdominal pain and vomiting, my colleagues know to ask questions about cannabis use. It’s pretty common practice to see this, diagnose it and treat it, ”said Dr. Sam Wang, pediatric emergency medicine specialist and toxicologist at the Colorado Children’s Hospital.


Content of the article

The study’s authors wanted to know if there had been more such incidents – repeated and severe episodes of vomiting are a symptom of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome – since Colorado switched on adult cannabis it several years ago.

Investigators specify that “although suggesting an association, a determination of an association between legalization policies and the incidence of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) has not been established.”

The idea was to collect data “to estimate whether the opening of new markets can generate an increase in these cases”, they write.

In their cross-sectional study, the researchers looked at data from the Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division and the Colorado Hospital Association from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2018. They compared the results of counties that did not have dispensaries before. legalization. and those who did. A total of 820,778 patients who requested care were included.


Content of the article

The results of the study “suggest a substantial increase in vomiting-related emergency room visits in Colorado after recreational cannabis legalization, the researchers write.” Overall, the additional recreational clinics in one county have been associated with an increase in emergency room visits related to vomiting when measured in terms of absolute numbers, “they add.

That said, the highest peaks “were seen in counties without existing medical clinics,” investigators said. “Counties with a high number of medical marijuana dispensaries experienced a 5.8% slower increase than counties without any,” they report.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the study notes that there were 1,037 dispensaries in the state, 552 recreational and 485 medical. The highest total number of dispensaries was found in urban counties: Denver had 357, El Paso had 136, Boulder had 82, Pueblo had 52, and Jefferson had 49.


Content of the article

The study authors say that another review of more than 200 patients diagnosed with CHS “found that daily cannabis use was reported in 47.9% of patients and weekly use in 19.4%.  /
The study authors say that another review of more than 200 patients diagnosed with CHS “found that daily cannabis use was reported in 47.9% of patients and weekly use in 19.4%. / Photo by Getty Images

“Vomiting-related county emergency room visit rates between counties with no exposure and counties with low or high exposure were fundamentally no longer different after the recreation clinics opened,” the study notes. This is “despite the existence of quite large differences in quarterly per capita rates in these counties before the opening of new recreational clinics.”

Pointing out that the frequency of vomiting with CHS is similar to other conditions of cyclic vomiting, it is speculated that the latter are “due to an imbalance with the endocannabinoid system and the brainstem and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis afterwards. heavy cannabis use ”.

A study published last year found that nearly one in five hospitalizations for cyclic vomiting syndrome was associated with concurrent cannabis use.


Content of the article

The authors of the latest study admit that “the duration, frequency, route or potency of the cannabis products used that lead to an increased risk of developing this disease have not been determined.”

But they add that a review of more than 200 patients diagnosed with CHS “found that daily cannabis use was reported in 47.9% of patients and weekly use in 19.4%.

“Among adolescents and young adults, this is where there is growing concern about habitual use and its effects on physical and mental health,” Wang said, according to CNN.

Some Twitter users, however, strongly pushed back coverage, including media motives, reports Complex. “I literally never vomited while smoking. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen to others !! I just don’t understand how or why, ”one user tweeted.


Content of the article

In light of the CHS becoming “an emerging clinical problem associated with cannabis use,” the authors of the new study recommend that healthcare clinicians in legal states be aware of the associated symptoms. The documentation can help ensure accurate public health monitoring of the consequences associated with legalization, they say, adding that “intense and prolonged vomiting has been associated with serious and fatal outcomes.”

Not understanding the symptom constellation of CHS “can hamper the ability of physicians to meet the needs of many patients requiring emergency services and make it difficult to accurately track the public health association between cannabis use and legalization. with a range of health measures, including cardiovascular health. , lung disease, injuries, substance abuse and behavioral health, ”argue the investigators.


Content of the article

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

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Nomad Health raises $ 63 million to connect nurses and hospitals https://6toros6.com/nomad-health-raises-63-million-to-connect-nurses-and-hospitals/ https://6toros6.com/nomad-health-raises-63-million-to-connect-nurses-and-hospitals/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 13:16:55 +0000 https://6toros6.com/nomad-health-raises-63-million-to-connect-nurses-and-hospitals/

(Bloomberg) – Nomad Health, a digital marketplace that connects nurses to short-term medical jobs, has raised $ 63 million in new equity and debt financing led by Adams Street Partners.

The latest investment values ​​the company at $ 260 million, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. With the latest funding, Nomad Health has raised over $ 100 million since its inception in 2015.

Nomad Health streamlines the process of matching healthcare workers with short-term jobs in the United States. Nurses can create a market profile and fill in their preferences and qualifications. Hospitals use the platform to post job vacancies. The database is searchable, allowing so-called travel nurses to choose jobs based on factors such as location and salary.

“It’s a self-service discovery experience,” said co-founder and CEO Alexi Gharib Nazem.

The emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend of greater use of technology for healthcare workers, according to an April report from Staffing Industry Analysts. The report predicts that the temporary healthcare workforce segment will grow 7 percent this year to $ 21.3 billion.

Demand for healthcare workers since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 has exacerbated an already existing staff shortage in the United States

“There was an imbalance in the job market and employers had yet to address the issues that made nurses want to retire or go back to school,” said Patricia Pittman, director of the Mullan Institute for Health Workforce Equity at George Washington University. “The factors of Covid overlapped and made a bad situation worse. ”

According to a tool created by the institute, 17% of counties in the United States with intensive care units are in staff crisis. Over the next 30 days, 392 counties will need crisis personnel and 166 counties will need emergency personnel.

Double the staff

Nomad said transactions on its marketplace have increased sevenfold since February 2020 and its revenue has quintupled. This year, turnover to date has more than doubled compared to last year. The company did not quote specific numbers.

With the additional capital, the company plans to double its workforce to more than 160 employees. New hires include Jeff Simon as vice president of products, who was previously product manager at Indeed.com; and Kim Howard, who will serve as Chief Client Officer. Howard was previously Senior Vice President of Strategic Client Sales at AMN Healthcare, the nation’s largest healthcare staffing company.

Thomas Bremner of Adams Street Partners, who manages $ 45 billion in assets and has a long history of investing in companies like VillageMD, Grand Rounds and Lyra Health, joins the board.

“The way this industry worked in the past is you sit there and have no information, and you pick up the phone of an opportunity that is out there, and you start to put together an app,” Bremner said. . The process was time consuming and difficult to scale to meet the demands of the pandemic.

He predicted that demand will be strong even after the pandemic.

“Pre-Covid travel nursing was a $ 4 billion industry and demand was unrelated to Covid,” Bremner said. “There will always be a rapidly aging population, there will always be people living with chronic illnesses and flu seasons, and still too few nurses. “

© 2021 Bloomberg LP

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CIA official suffered from mysterious ‘Havana syndrome’ during visit to India https://6toros6.com/cia-official-suffered-from-mysterious-havana-syndrome-during-visit-to-india/ https://6toros6.com/cia-official-suffered-from-mysterious-havana-syndrome-during-visit-to-india/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 06:37:58 +0000 https://6toros6.com/cia-official-suffered-from-mysterious-havana-syndrome-during-visit-to-india/

New Delhi, first published Sep 21, 2021, 12:07 IST

Surprising information is emerging from the United States about a Central Intelligence Agency official who was traveling with agency director William Burns, reporting symptoms of Havana Syndrome during his visit to India earlier this month.

The incident set off alarm bells in Washington, DC, as similar cases were reported among U.S. personnel in Vietnam last month before U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris visited the country.

A person with Havana Syndrome has symptoms such as memory loss, nausea, hearing problems, and dizziness. The reported sequelae of Havana Syndrome include tinnitus, decreased muscle control, loss of vision and hearing, and dizziness.

According to CIA officials, the official who experienced these symptoms during the visit to India is still in treatment.

Havana syndrome was first detected in 2017 after U.S. diplomats stationed in Cuba reported health problems after experiencing high-pitched sounds. Similar cases have also been reported from US diplomatic offices in China and even in Europe.

Sources said the Americans still did not know whether the CIA director and his staff were intentionally targeted during the visit to India.

Officials in New Delhi are being quiet about the reports, which first appeared in US media.

Asianet Newsable has contacted the Foreign Office for a response on this matter. However, a response is awaited.

Also read: Research reveals 40 million Chinese will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by 2050

A CIA spokeswoman was quoted by US media as saying that Director Burns has made it his top priority to ensure that the agency gets to the bottom of this issue and, in this regard, assembles a team of ‘experts. Reports indicate that a senior CIA official who was instrumental in locating Al Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden is part of the team of experts.

Unofficially, more than 100 U.S. diplomatic personnel have been affected by this unexplained medical phenomenon across the world.

The US Department of Defense last week sent a memo to nearly 3 million employees and contractors about Havana Syndrome. In the memo, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin urged members of the DoD to address cases of sensory events that could have triggered symptoms such as imbalance, headaches, pain and nausea.

Media reports say the Pentagon is working on developing equipment to be worn by government officials to detect the radio frequency that could be causing the health problem.

Also Read: 3000kg of Medicines Worth Rs 21,000 Crore Went To Delhi From Mundra Port

Last updated Sep 21, 2021, 12:12 PM IST

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Researcher explores genetic interaction between personality traits and COVID https://6toros6.com/researcher-explores-genetic-interaction-between-personality-traits-and-covid/ https://6toros6.com/researcher-explores-genetic-interaction-between-personality-traits-and-covid/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 01:22:00 +0000 https://6toros6.com/researcher-explores-genetic-interaction-between-personality-traits-and-covid/

In a recent study conducted at the University of Munich in Germany, scientists set out to uncover the genetic effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on individuals.

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected and changed our lives in many ways, it was important to determine the relationship between the genetics of the COVID-19 host and personality traits and psychiatric disorders. Additionally, previous studies have indicated that people with mental disorders are more likely to be infected with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus responsible for COVID-19, making this even more important research.

Study: Interaction between genetics of personality traits, severe psychiatric disorders and COVID-19 host genetics in susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Image Credit: Lightspring / Shutterstock.com

About the study

The aim of the present study was to examine the overlapping genetic basis between major psychiatric disorders, personality traits and susceptibility to COVID-19.

Linkage imbalance analysis was used to explore the genetic correlations of COVID-19 susceptibility with psychiatric disorders and personality traits based on data from the most relevant respective genome-wide association studies. complete possible. This was done in two different cohort studies, including the PsyCourse and HeiDE studies.

The PsyCourse study consisted of individuals with major psychiatric disorders, where the control group included individuals without any major psychiatric disorder. This was delivered throughout Germany and Austria and was tracked longitudinally.

Polygenic risk scores were then used to determine if there was a genetic link between psychiatric disorders, personality traits and susceptibility to COVID-19 in data at the individual level. Data at the individual level were then used to estimate polygenic risk scores (PRS).

PRS were assessed to determine whether susceptibility to COVID-19 correlated with case status or extraversion scores. The PRS were estimated by the PRS-CS method, excluding the HLA region on chromosome 6.

Study results

Researchers have not observed any significant genetic association of susceptibility to COVID-19 with psychiatric disorders. Although, for personality traits, there has been a significant genetic correlation for susceptibility to COVID-19 with extraversion.

However, to confirm these results for extraversion in a different study setting, the extraversion analysis was repeated in the more comprehensive HeiDE study. Indeed, the HeiDE study was specifically created to estimate the link between personality traits and somatic disorders. In this study, however, the team also did not recognize a significant association of PRS for susceptibility and extraversion to COVID-19.

Overall, direct genetic overlap was not found to contribute to the increased but unexplained risk of COVID-19 seen in people with a psychiatric diagnosis prior to SARS-CoV-2 infection. However, a shared genetic risk could still be caused by intermediate phenotypes. These phenotypes can include factors such as lower socioeconomic status or academic achievement in people with severe psychotic disorders.

It was further noted that even greater attention should be paid to psychosocial interventions, such as establishing a good treatment plan for people with severe psychiatric disorders. In addition, there should be targeted preventive and psychoeducational measures for people with personality determinants.


The current identified has not identified any notable link between genetic risk factors for serious psychiatric disorders and the genetic risk of susceptibility to COVID-19. However, among all the personality traits, extraversion has shown evidence of a positive genetic association with susceptibility to COVID-19, but only in one setting and not in another.

Taken together, these results highlight a complex contribution of genetic and non-genetic components in the interaction between susceptibility to COVID-19 and personality traits or mental disorders.

*Important Notice

medRxiv publishes preliminary scientific reports that are not peer reviewed and, therefore, should not be considered conclusive, guide clinical practice / health-related behavior, or treated as established information.

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Can stress cause dizziness? What you need to know, according to the experts https://6toros6.com/can-stress-cause-dizziness-what-you-need-to-know-according-to-the-experts/ https://6toros6.com/can-stress-cause-dizziness-what-you-need-to-know-according-to-the-experts/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 10:14:05 +0000 https://6toros6.com/can-stress-cause-dizziness-what-you-need-to-know-according-to-the-experts/

Remenyi says vertigo results from error messages sent between the ears, eyes, limbs, and brain, so any lifestyle factor that leads to fatigue or overwhelm can trigger the vertigo.

Here’s something to think about: Like an endless loop or vicious circle, stress influences vertigo as much as vertigo influences stress, according to Remenyi. “Symptoms of vertigo can make patients anxious, stressed out, self-critical, or stuck in rigid thought, and all of those feelings are valid.”

Additionally, Horowitz says that when we are stressed our hormone cortisol rises, which in turn impacts our vestibular system, the part of the brain that controls balance and makes us feel out of balance, as if we are on. a boat while founded.

It may seem like the relationship between stress and dizziness is clear, but Elrakhawy explains why it’s a little more nuanced than experts previously thought. He says the stress response is complex, in that it involves various organs and chemical mediators that are secreted at various times depending on the current state of the body.

He cites a few studies that have looked at the relationship between the vestibular system and stress, specifically various stress hormones such as cortisol:

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1996 article deals with human evolution, not genius potential https://6toros6.com/1996-article-deals-with-human-evolution-not-genius-potential/ https://6toros6.com/1996-article-deals-with-human-evolution-not-genius-potential/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:50:13 +0000 https://6toros6.com/1996-article-deals-with-human-evolution-not-genius-potential/


“Black Africans have more DNA sets than any other group on earth”; The more DNA sets you have, the greater your genius potential ”; “they protected this study, to hide this truth”


Inaccurate: The referenced 1996 article “Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins” does not address “genius potential” and the term “DNA series” is not used in the article. The article examines human evolution and the evidence in the human genome that supports the “out of Africa” ​​model of human evolution.
Misleading: It is common practice to protect academic documents by copyright. The majority of scientific articles are protected by copyright, with the journal that published the article retaining the copyright. The paper was not copyrighted to “hide the truth”.


The 1996 article “Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins” examines the evidence in the human genome for how human evolution has occurred. The article never discusses “genius potential” as it is claimed. It is common practice to protect academic articles by copyright, with the journal that published the article retaining the copyright in most cases. The paper was not copyrighted to “hide the truth”.

FULL CLAIM: “In 1996, 9 geneticists discovered that black Africans had more sets of DNA than any other group on earth. They have 9 sets of DNA whereas Europeans only have 6. The more sets of DNA you have, the greater your genius potential. For this reason, they protected this study by copyright, to hide this truth ”.


On September 10, 2021, Facebook users shared posts (see here and here) claiming that “in 1996, 9 geneticists discovered that black Africans had more sets of DNA than any other group on earth. “. The articles also claimed that “the more DNA sets you have, the greater your genius potential”, and that the 1996 study in which these results were published was copyrighted to hide this truth. . The posts are based on a YouTube video from July 29, 2021, where an individual discusses the DNA series, genius potential, and shows an impression of the 1996 article.

However, the 1996 article – “Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins” – does not address the potential of genius. Rather, the article examines the evidence in the human genome for the model of human evolution “outside Africa” ​​where all non-African human populations are descended from the same. Homo sapiens ancestor who evolved in Africa[1]. As we will show below, the claims made in the Facebook post are not supported by the 1996 article referenced.

A Brief Summary of “Global Models of CD4 Binding Imbalance and Modern Human Origins”

In the same way that we can dig up fossils and use them to help us draw the evolutionary tree of modern humans, geneticists can extract information from the DNA of modern humans to understand how we evolved and then spread to worldwide. Evidence from both fossils and our own genes indicates that our species, the Homo sapiens, probably originating in Africa before spreading on Earth; this is called the “outside Africa” model. Other models of the origin of our species have been proposed, such as the “multiregional” model (which has its supporters) where H. sapiens native to many geographic locations on several occasions.

In their 1996 paper, geneticists Sarah Tishkoff and colleagues searched for evidence of the out-of-Africa pattern in the DNA of more than 1,600 modern humans in 42 geographic locations.[1]. They focused on the geographic distribution of two related regions — STRP and Alu — on human chromosome 12. These two regions are considered “linked” because they are close to each other on chromosome 12 and are often inherited together.

Both STRP and Alu have slight variations in their genetic sequences due to mutations; we call these alternate forms alleles. STRP is made up of repeated sequences of nucleotides (TTTTC), which are the building blocks of DNA; the number of repeats varies among people, who can have from four to 15 repeats of this nucleotide sequence. This means that there are 12 possible alleles or versions of this genetic region.

The second region of DNA, Alu, has two possible alleles: one where a stretch of DNA is deleted called Alu (-), and the other where that stretch of DNA is intact called Alu (+).

Each of the 12 possible STRP alleles is linked to one of the two possible Alu alleles. Because of this link, humans can have up to 24 possible combinations of STRP and Alu alleles. What Tishkoff and his collaborators did was examine the genomes of more than 1,600 individuals from these 42 geographically dispersed populations, and see which combinations of STRP and Alu alleles were most prevalent in these different populations.

The study found that, of these 24 possible combinations, 21 were found in the DNA of individuals from regions of Africa. In individuals from regions outside of Africa, fewer combinations of STRP and Alu alleles were found. This means that there is greater variation of STRP-Alu combinations in African populations compared to the rest of the world. The smaller diversity of STRP-Alu combinations in non-African populations compared to African populations is evidence that humans in Asia, Europe and the Americas are descended from a small group – and therefore with less diversity of STRP combination. -Alu – who left Africa around 100,000 years ago.

For Tischkoff and colleagues, the global distribution of these combinations “suggests a common and recent African origin for all non-African human populations” and supports the pattern of human evolution outside Africa.[1].

The 1996 article does not speak of “genius potential”

“Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins” never addresses “genius potential” as the Facebook posts and YouTube video suggest. They also claim that “the more sets of DNA you have, the greater your genius potential,” but the article compares the diversity of combinations of two linked regions on chromosome 12, not the amount of DNA. In addition, the term “DNA series” never appears in the document, and “DNA series” is not a term used in human evolution and genetics.

Finally, Facebook and YouTube posts claim that the 1996 study was copyrighted to “hide the truth”. This is misleading because copyright is a common practice in academic publishing; the majority of scientific articles are protected by copyright, with the scientific journal that published the article retaining copyright in most cases. In this case, the copyright owner is most likely the journal. Science, who published the document in 1996. Currently, the document is not open access at Science, however PDF copies of “Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins” are available online (see here and here). In short, this study was not copyrighted to “hide the truth”, but because copyright is part of the course of mainstream scientific publishing.


Tishkoff et al’s 1996 article “Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins” examines the evidence in the human genome for the “out of Africa” ​​pattern of human evolution. The diary never discusses the “genius potential” or the “DNA series” as recent Facebook posts claim.

The references

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The Dangerous Ideology Called Neoliberalism: Part II https://6toros6.com/the-dangerous-ideology-called-neoliberalism-part-ii/ https://6toros6.com/the-dangerous-ideology-called-neoliberalism-part-ii/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 16:00:00 +0000 https://6toros6.com/the-dangerous-ideology-called-neoliberalism-part-ii/

“This anomalous system backfired and hit the US economy hard.”

When the neoliberals deregulated currency and equated that policy with a policy of economic liberation, they did so without understanding the nuances of inflation; why prices are rising and they have not understood the intricacies of supply and demand in the economy. Quantitative easing or printing money was done arbitrarily to maim the US economy to meet its political goals.

In fact, the loan of Treasuries to support the deceptive quantitative easing policy was taken from the reserve currencies of World Bank member countries and used by the US Federal Reserve to secure short-term mortgages, making so countries like the Philippines, part of the consortium of reluctant lenders.

When the United States decoupled the dollar from the gold standard, Nixon never thought that his decision would primarily reduce the budget deficit as agreed in 1946 during the Bretton Woods agreements. The arrogance of the United States was exuding as it was the only industrial power not affected by war and holds more than 70 percent of total world manufacturing output to dominate the world economy. Thereupon, the United States measured the value of the dollar against its GDP.

The switch to GDP in 1973 was caused by its involvement in the Vietnam War. The formula gave the United States a respite to experience financial easing to reignite another adventurism even as the Cold War with Russia has yet to be concluded. The neoliberals have sought to revive the US economy by relying on the validity of the unlimited flow of capital. The theory was based on the strength of America’s GDP, which then accounted for over 70 of the world’s total manufacturing industries.

This was followed by their global campaign for globalization or free trade by reducing tariffs. Countries were forced to open their doors more widely instead of simply accepting the most-favored-nation (MFN) clause. Many were prompted to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) after the United States and its European allies made sure their version of free trade was passed.

Many underdeveloped countries have joined, believing that tariffs will be reduced. Instead, it resulted in the revaluation of their currency, allowing the United States to increase imports while exporters decrease the value, not the volume, of their goods.

China has been pressured into joining the WTO and believing that free trade will work to its advantage. The currency and wages were low, and Chinese workers had skills, efficiency and a level of production acceptable to American and European standards. China has interpreted free trade to its advantage as giving socialism Chinese characteristics to advance economically.

Neoliberals never predicted that the unequal trading system would change not only in the value of currency and goods due to the gradual improvement in the country’s exports, viz. by the concomitant increase in the value of their currency. Neoliberals have remained obsessed with the huge profit from outsourcing.

When the bad side of outsourcing and offshoring production plants began to affect their economy, such as incurring a huge trade deficit, the United States began accusing China of violating trade patents and laws on trade. copyright, forcing foreign countries to reveal their trade secrets, increasing their royalties, and unilaterally imposed trade sanctions for allegedly participating in unfair competition or defying its trade policy. The case against Huawei is based on fears that China is on the verge of overtaking the United States in the area of ​​5G technology.

Globalization has turned into an exception policy in the United States. Most appalling was the demand to devalue or revalue the currency. Consumers are required to pay more for their purchase while reducing their exports. To avoid resistance from most wage earners, the neoliberals have called rising inflation a normal situation in the economy that consumers should not worry about.

The decoupling of the dollar was followed by the deregulation of commodity prices, including those classified in utilities such as fuel, electricity and water. The neoliberals have even repealed the local anti-usury law.

Either way, the US economy may have recovered slightly. The dollar rose against other currencies. Monetarists have called the devaluation a “floating rate” to indicate that the price increase is only temporary even though the policy has been imposed against the will of the monetary authorities. The public had to accept a depreciation of more than 100 percent of its currency.

Some say the shift from gold to GDP initially helped increase excess capital and the United States used it as capital to invest and engage in the nefarious practice of outsourcing. What the neoliberals didn’t know was that they opened Pandora’s Box to the early demise of capitalism through the unique process of deindustrialization.

The neoliberals had a smile on the new economic order. The modus operandi allowed the US dollar to automatically increase its imports due to the decline in the value of foreign exports. The trade imbalance between the United States and the underdeveloped countries has grown considerably.

Many countries began to look for an alternative market that would price their exports well to allow local consumers to buy more imported goods, and allow some of their currency to save and help grow their economy. .

This allowed China to rapidly expand its market to Africa and Latin America. It was not the Marxist ideology that prompted countries to move closer to China, but the need to adopt one that could offer higher prices for their exports.

As the neoliberals increased the value of money, they forgot that the domestic cost of labor and services, as well as the cost of living, would also increase. The prices of imported goods negated the gains made through outsourcing.

To ward off the danger, the neoliberals once again coined a new economic term called “real wage” to differentiate it from “nominal wage”. Critics of neoliberal ideology like Jeffry Sachs, Richard Wolff and Chris Hedges complain that since 1973 American workers have not received a real pay rise. As the practice continued, people realized that they had been harmed for years by their legitimate income. The US economy has evolved into a plutocratic economy, with a handful deciding economic policies while the vast majority of Americans languish in poverty.

Today, China has accumulated enough surpluses starting with a low value of the renminbi. Slowly, it is preparing to reach parity with the US dollar. The neoliberals have committed a monstrous crime of financial injustice because the open valuation of currency has turned against it to ensure that the tenet of Marxist economics is the creation of wealth through production.

President Trump has applied his pagan “America First” nationalism by imposing excessive tariffs on US imports, mainly from China. But in its rush to offset the trade deficit, it actually imposed tariffs on U.S. imports. The tariffs increased the value of US imports which was added to the cost price.

There is no way for the neoliberals and their monetarist cabal to escape the trap they have created. The deindustrializing system of the American economy has reduced their glamorous metropolis to a city of tents, retarded intellectual growth due to unaffordable tuition fees, shortened the lives of the poor due to the high cost of medical services and l hospitalization, multiplied the number of homeless. , has skyrocketed drug sales and intensified racial discrimination and social unrest due to income inequality.

The disparity between the value of the US dollar and other currencies resulted in a financial collapse. Some call this “state of economic imbalance” as what happened in 2008. Often times, this happens when investment does not match output and by volatility in the currency. This anomalous system backfired and hit the US economy hard.

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Pentagon asks military to report on ‘Havana syndrome’ https://6toros6.com/pentagon-asks-military-to-report-on-havana-syndrome/ https://6toros6.com/pentagon-asks-military-to-report-on-havana-syndrome/#respond Thu, 16 Sep 2021 20:30:41 +0000 https://6toros6.com/pentagon-asks-military-to-report-on-havana-syndrome/

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaks at the Pentagon (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

A memo sent by the Defense Ministry on Thursday says the agency is taking its broadest look to date at so-called ‘Havana Syndrome’, or an unexplained medical phenomenon that has been reported by more than 100 members. of American diplomatic personnel around the world.

The memo, signed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, encourages the US military, DoD employees and federal contractors to report cases of “sudden and disturbing sensory events” which are followed by “symptoms such as ailments. headache, pain, nausea or imbalance “.

“If you believe you have experienced a sensory event with the re-occurrence of such symptoms, immediately remove yourself, your colleagues and / or family members from the area and report the incident and symptoms to your chain of command, to your security guard and health care provider. . If you have reason to believe that a colleague or colleagues also experienced [anomalous health incidents], please encourage these people to do the same, ”the secretary wrote.

The note, first reported by The New York Times, was delivered Thursday to nearly three million people in the defense arena, and has the potential to dramatically increase the number of cases of known abnormal health incidents recorded by the US government, which currently stands at around 130.

The incidents, which involve concussion-like symptoms and have not yet been explained by any medical or government official, originated with American diplomats in Cuba, earning it the nickname “Havana Syndrome.” But quickly spread to other US personnel around the world, including some stationed in the US according to various reports. Some questioned the severity of the symptoms and the quality of the evidence indicating any form of sonic or microwave attacks, while others, including former President Donald Trump, were quick to blame the incidents.

“I believe Cuba is responsible,” he said in 2017.

CIA Deputy Director David Cohen vowed that the U.S. government is working to provide a conclusive explanation of the incidents during a session Tuesday at the annual Intelligence and National Security Summit, according to the Times.

“We will find out,” he said.

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Nigeria will only be saved by a genuine fight against corruption – Expert – Blueprint Newspapers Limited https://6toros6.com/nigeria-will-only-be-saved-by-a-genuine-fight-against-corruption-expert-blueprint-newspapers-limited/ https://6toros6.com/nigeria-will-only-be-saved-by-a-genuine-fight-against-corruption-expert-blueprint-newspapers-limited/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 05:34:43 +0000 https://6toros6.com/nigeria-will-only-be-saved-by-a-genuine-fight-against-corruption-expert-blueprint-newspapers-limited/

A political scientist, Abiodun Adebayo Israel Adebanjo, said Nigeria will remain a corrupt nation unless the relevant government agencies charged with fighting corruption do so genuinely, without fear or favor.

He made the statement on the occasion of the National Chronicle’s annual conference / convening and honorary doctorate in public administration award ceremony in conjunction with Cornerstone University Jerusalem, Israel in Abuja on Saturday.

Abiodun spoke on “Trends in conventional corruption in Nigeria from independence to date and its implications for unemployment, insecurity and national development: the way forward”.

He said corruption has affected all segments of Nigerian society and unless anti-corruption organizations do something differently, Nigeria will continue to suffer from corruption.

The guest speaker said Nigerians should be reminded that the task is for everyone, especially civil society, to tackle corruption in national life.

He said corruption is hostile to the progress and development of any country because it fuels unemployment and insecurity.

He explained that “corruption diverts resources from productive segments of the economy to white elephant projects, thus creating a micro economic imbalance.”

He stressed that “without a real fight against corruption, unemployment will continue to rise in Nigeria and insecurity will pervade the political system”.

Abiodun called on the federal government to instill what he called a “patriotic state of mind” in every individual, group or association by working with universities, anti-corruption agencies and civil society organizations “in view. to develop an anti-corruption curriculum, which should be taught in our schools and in all government ministries, departments and agencies.

In his welcoming remarks, the country’s representative, Cornerstone University, Jerusalem, Dr Godwin Nyitse, implored the winners to be good ambassadors and help build the nation.

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