Make the right call on a used car

Buying a used car is intimidating. A quick online search can reveal thousands of options, and unlike new cars, no two used cars are the same. While a pair of used vehicles may have the same equipment, the similarities end there due to mileage, use and maintenance. Without a thorough …

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Fannie Mae: MyCommunityMortgage Out, HomeReady ™ In

Great news for homebuyers in the United States – the government has backed a new low down payment mortgage program which is now available in all 50 states. The program only requires a 3% deposit and is officially known as HomeReady ™. HomeReady ™ targets middle-income and lower-income homebuyers, although …

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The Fed’s Huge Record in Seven Charts

The Fed’s balance sheet is approaching $ 4.1 trillion, a number that is difficult to understand. That’s a large number, even by Washington standards. That’s double the government spending for all 50 states, equivalent to 56 Bill Gates net worth and could buy 6.5 billion iPhones, notes Vincent Reinhart, chief …

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