Addressing the challenges of mental health on college campuses

It’s back to school and thousands of students are entering college campuses across the United States, many of whom are freshmen who will be living independently for the first time. This group of students belongs to a generation whose members are experimenting higher levels of stress, depression, and anxiety than …

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The Fed’s Huge Record in Seven Charts

The Fed’s balance sheet is approaching $ 4.1 trillion, a number that is difficult to understand. That’s a large number, even by Washington standards. That’s double the government spending for all 50 states, equivalent to 56 Bill Gates net worth and could buy 6.5 billion iPhones, notes Vincent Reinhart, chief …

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Powell says COVID-19 vaccine is not an immediate cure-all

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Thursday that the development of an effective COVID-19 vaccine was good news for the future, but the immediate outlook remained strained. In an interview with other central bankers sponsored by the European Central Bank, Powell said “the next few months could be difficult” …

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