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ALDI’s Lazzio roasted rivals in coffee bean notes

Great coffee starts with great coffee beans. There is hardly anything better than the aroma of freshly ground coffee that is brewed in the morning, and whether you are looking for a rich, dark roast coffee with an intense flavor, or something lighter with pungent notes, it there is a lot of infusion for everyone. But the wrong choice of coffee beans can easily leave you with a bitter taste, so if you want to know which brand matches the brand, you’ve come to the right place.

This year, we surveyed over 940 Australian consumers for feedback on the brands of coffee beans they’ve purchased to grind and brew at home over the past three months. Respondents rated brands based on taste, aroma, texture, packaging, variety, value for money and overall satisfaction. Those who reached the required minimum survey sample size of 30 responses are shown in our results above.

ALDI’s Lazzio line has taken a lead in this year’s ratings after receiving the only five-star rating for overall satisfaction and achieving the highest ratings in most cases.

Best coffee beans

What are the best coffee beans?

Here are the best coffee bean brands in Australia, as rated by consumers in the 2021 Canstar Blue review:

  1. Lazzio (ALDI)
  2. Harris
  3. Crushers
  4. Coles urban coffee culture
  5. Lavazza
  6. Woolworths
  7. Cafe Aurore
  8. Vittoria
  9. Organic Ground & Drunk Beans
  10. Gloria jeans

The Australians have produced ‘infusion’ coffee mugs with ALDI’s Lazzio line, with the supermarket’s own brand being the best in our last review. It got five stars for overall satisfaction, while most brands got four stars in total. Meanwhile, Caffe Aurora, Vittoria, Bean Ground & Drunk Organic, and Gloria Jeans each rated three stars for overall satisfaction.

But that doesn’t mean Lazzio is the only brand worth pouring into your cup. Harris had a whiff of victory after scoring the top rating for aroma, receiving the only five-star review for the category. It also got top marks for packaging, like Lavazza and Woolworths for variety.

About the winner – Lazzio (ALDI)

Review comparison of ALDI lazzio coffee beans and coffee grounds

The German discount supermarket ALDI has often been in the spotlight for its Special purchases, but did you know the retailer also has buyers who like the daily non-seasonal inventory? Its Lazzio line is one example, offering consumers affordable and seemingly delicious coffee beans. The private label currently sells what is claimed to be certified organic 100% Fairtrade Arabica ground coffee, available in a variety from Peru or Honduras. Prices for ALDI Lazzio roast and ground coffee start at $ 4.99 for a 250g bag.

  • Lazzio (ALDI) achieved the top rating for overall satisfaction, value for money, taste, texture and packaging, achieving five-star ratings in each category. It also received four stars for variety and aroma.

Coffee habits and attitudes of Australians

Wondering how Australians buy and drink their coffee? Our survey found that almost one in three respondents (29%) would rather brew their cup of tea at home than buy coffee outside. A fifth of those surveyed (21%) said they were trying to buy fair trade beans, although the proportion of people who buy take-out coffee and use a reusable cup or ‘cup holder’ was slightly decreased to 16% (compared to 20% in 2020).

Meanwhile, 13% of Australians fear drinking too much coffee and 11% regularly drink decaf. Here are more interesting survey results below:

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