Alma Ackerman

Experts suggest the # 1 way to replenish housing stock

The housing shortage, especially affordable housing, is on many minds, this is a major question for housing policy makers, and is at the center of countless recent studies. One of these surveys is courtesy of Zillow Research, which published, “Zoning changes the most efficient way to increase housing supply, ”For …

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Migration states – WSJ

New IRS data compiled by research agency Wirepoints illustrates the flight from high-tax states to low-tax states. The chart above shows the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) that states lost or earned due to population migration in 2019 as a share of their total AGI. The Sun Belt and Mountain West …

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Best cities to live in 2021: Auckland tops the list

(CNN) – The impact of Covid-19 on global livability has been absolutely devastating. More than a year after the start of the pandemic, ongoing health crises, border closures and blockages continue to affect millions of people around the world. But some destinations have fared much better than others in dealing …

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