Australia’s unemployment rate remains at 4% but is expected to fall further

Jarvis said the female unemployment rate fell further to 3.7%, the lowest since May 1974. The 4.2% rate for men is the second lowest level since November 2008 and just at the above the December 2021 rate of 4.1 percent. hundred.

In New South Wales, the unemployment rate in March was 3.9% and in Victoria it was 4%.

Speaking before the data was released, Albanese said he wanted to see unemployment “as low as possible”, but that it was important to make sure people had secure jobs.

“Half a million people are working three or more jobs, and that’s a 50% increase since this government took over,” he said while campaigning in the marginal Hunter, N.V., seat. South Wales.

“That figure of half a million people working three or more jobs is astonishing, and it continues to grow.”


Morrison said a coalition government would continue to give Australians jobs, while announcing funding for the logging industry in Tasmania’s marginal Bass seat.

“We have put people to work and continue to deliver the infrastructure projects on the ground,” he said Thursday morning.

“The major infrastructure projects we are doing can continue to generate these jobs, which has allowed us to move ahead of the international pack.”

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