After AMC’s crazy week on Wall Street, theaters hope to scare off a hit box office with ‘The Conjuring’

The Warner Bros. is expected to gross around $ 20 million at the North American box office this weekend – a solid performance for a theater company still trying to find its place after the pandemic. (Warner Bros., like CNN, is owned by WarnerMedia.)

Theater owners are hoping that a horror sequel can provide a much needed boost to the lucrative summer movie season. If this sounds familiar to you, it should be, as it’s the same storyline as last weekend’s box office.
Paramount’s “A Quiet Place Part II,” another horror sequel, exceeded expectations last weekend by earning $ 48 million, which was the biggest national start to the pandemic to date.

The Conjuring Universe, whose stories center around gruesome hauntings and paranormal activity, has grossed nearly $ 2 billion worldwide on six films since 2013, according to Comscore. The franchise is particularly profitable as most of the brand’s films are made on a low budget, reaching out to a loyal fan base. For example, “The Devil Made Me Do It” has a production budget of just $ 39 million.

If the film brings a solid box office and “A Quiet Place Part II” doesn’t drop too much in its second weekend, it will give Hollywood studios and theaters more confidence than the strong performance of the weekend. last was not a coincidence and that the public does indeed want to return to the cinema.

Bigger box office tests await: Marvel’s “Black Widow,” the next Fast & Furious movie, “F9,” and next week’s “In The Heights” are slated for release in the coming weeks.

That said, the box office numbers may not tell the whole story of “The Devil Made Me Do It,” as audiences may choose to watch it at home on HBO Max. The film aired simultaneously on the streaming service and in theaters on Friday.

A successful weekend for “The Devil Made Me Do It” would also put an exclamation mark on an absolutely crazy week for AMC (AMC)– the largest chain of cinemas in the world.
Shares of the company have hit record highs in recent days, thanks in large part to Reddit’s army of retail investors. AMC used the increase in shares to sell shares, which brought hundreds of millions of capital to the company.
The wild week for the movie chain stabilized on Friday with the company’s shares – which have risen 2,000% this year – up about 4%.

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